Cream In My Coffee MAG

By Anonymous

   Everybody thinks there's something wrong with me. I don't care. I'm attracted to Kiswana. So what if she's black! I mean, what's wrong with dating someone who isn't white? I thought that love was blind. It should go beyond skin color. She is just so smart and outgoing. Some say she has an attitude but that's what makes her different. I would love to take her to the movies but my friends think I'm wasting my time. But, maybe ...

Meanwhile across the room ...

Why does he keep looking at me like that? I know he likes me but doesn't he know I do not go for cream in my coffee? I am not down with that interracial stuff, honey! Please, what would my friends say? Still, he is cute ... for a white boy, of course. And I heard from Shanice (who heard from Kenya) that he can dance. Now that is something I would definitely like to see. John's nice though. He's the only one who didn't laugh when I fell down the stairs last week. In fact, he even helped me pick up my books. Anyway, I heard from Charis who heard from Keisha that he might ask me to the movies. Well, maybe ...

The school bell rings.

"Hey, Kiswana!"

"Oh, what's up John?"

"Yeah, well ... I was wondering if you weren't busy Friday night, would you like to go see that vampire movie with me?"

"Ya know what John? I just happen to be free that night ...." 1

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i love this !


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