Nothing Like Her

February 27, 2009
By , Hudson, WI
She wasn't like everybody else. She was my best friend, but sometimes even I didn't understand her. When people walked by her, they smelled the scent of the ocean. The next day, flowers, or perhaps smoke. Her eyes changed colour each day.

"I have contacts, you guys," She would say to us. But we knew she didnt. She had perfect vision. Ever since Kindergarten.

One day she didn't come to school. When I called her house, Her mother said she was out with her older brother. All day, I thought to myself as I put together a sandwich for Impy, My dog and myself. As I sat and took half of the sandwich the phone rang.

I answered it. That was my first mistake.

"Hello?" A raspy voice said from the other end.

"Hi," I said uncertaintly, "Who is this?"

"It's me, Eve," The voice growled.

"Eve? But your Mum said you were out with Charles."

"She lies... Could you meet me at the park in 10 minutes? Its an emergency". Then she hung up.

I sat there staring at the phone for what seemed like hours, but was only a minute or two. I rushed, got my jacket, through my half and Impy's half on the ground, and left a note for my Mother. I rushed out the door, and into the misty night.

I strolled to the park, where the swings swang back and forth in unison. There sat Eve. She looked different, her hair was in a pony-tail, and her face was down. She didn't move as I aproached her.

"Eve?" I stumbled and fell, I straightened myself and looked at her. Her eyes were heavely lined. Or maybe that was just the shadow?

"Im not okay.." Eve whispered. "I haven't been for the last week." She looked up at me with a tear stained face.

I stood up, surprised by what was there, other than the tear stained face. Her skin was bleach-white, and her eyes were black and sunken.

"I can't feel anymore.. I can't take breathes. But I'm alive." She stuttered.

My breathing became shallow. What was she saying?

She looked up at me, with her new face, tear-stained and grim.

"I think I'm dead.. And I'm not leaving this world alone," She growled.

I saw something glow bright in her hand, and all I remember before I hit the ground was a flash, and a spurt of red. And then darkness.

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