February 27, 2009
By 3razer_butt_kicker BRONZE, East Northport, New York
3razer_butt_kicker BRONZE, East Northport, New York
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'Concentrate, Rose' Zephyr, my best friend, addressed.
I did as he said. We had always been a great team. I was the brains, he was the brawns. I concentrated as hard as I could, but the only thing a saw was the inside of my eyelids.
I wiped the sweat off my brow, turned to him, and said, 'I can't'
'Come on. I know you can,' he argued. His sweet smile made me believe I could do anything.
Then, I saw it. The killer. He was running away, down a long hallway. I couldn't see who he was after. I only got a glimpse of the back of him. He had hair as black as an oil slick, and he wore a grey hoodie and baggy jeans. I couldn't see his weapon.
'I see him,' I stated, staring off into the distance.
I know this might sound weird to all of you normal people out there, but I can see the future. Zephyr is the only one who knows. He is also the only one I trust.
'What'd you see?' he asked. He managed to put joy, excitement, and panic all in one tone of voice.
'Nothing much. Just the back of him.' I responded.
'What'd he look like?' all of a sudden, he grew very serious.
'Slick black hair, grey hoodie, baggy pants, no sign of a weapon.' I also grew serious.
'He seemed to be running down a large hallway. I think it looked like... like the school,'
He now wore a smile of approval. I grinned back and hugged him. The moment just felt so right. After several seconds, he broke free. We spent another several seconds gazing into each other's eyes. He had the most gorgeous crystal blue eyes. My eyes were just a boring brown.
'Alright, let's do this.' I finally announced, pulling my blonde hair into a pony tail.
Zephyr ran his fingers through his ear-length brown hair. We both looked at each other and simultaneously tossed our black sweatshirt hoods over our heads.
At the school, we saw no sign of the killer. But I sensed him. He was here.
'Where... is.... he...' Zephyr growled, breathing deeply as a way to calm himself down. He had a score to settle. This man took his mother's life. And since we were so close, I too had a score to settle.
'I saw him around that corner. I also saw the back of a woman's head as she rounded the corner. Proceed with caution,' I replied.
We looked at each other and nodded. We silently- but swiftly- rounded the corner. There, sure enough, was the killer. I realized who the woman rounding the corner was- our favorite teacher, Mrs. Andrews. He saw us, and raised his gun. I didn't see him with one in the vision, but apparently he was hiding it.
I froze. Zephyr froze. Although he was strong, he was no match for a gun. The killer realized that and smiled. He turned to Mrs. Andrews, but she was gone. When he looked down the other hallway to look for her, she was gone. I was happy she got away.
I was too busy watching the killer to notice that someone had grabbed me. I was ready to fight, until I realized I was in Zephyr's arms. For a rare moment in my life, I actually felt safe. But then reality came back. A bullet zoomed past my ear. The killer was running after us, wildly shooting away. I took out my cell phone and dialed my most dialed contact- the police.
Zephyr kicked it into high gear. He ran at top speed until we reached the exit. There, we saw the police. The captured the killer, though one officer was injured in the process.
We had finally got rid of the insane criminal. Or so we thought.
It turned out that he had somehow killed the guard and escaped. And he wanted revenge...
Zephyr and I realized this and tried to go into hiding. But this killer was good. He was able to find out everything...
The next day, we had received a letter. The message wrote:
Claire and Zephyr,
I'm Coming for you...
I let out an ear-piercing shriek. Zephyr ran out to me, thinking I ran into the killer.
'Claire!' he screamed, holding a gun for defense.
'I'm fine Zeph,' I lied. If it wasn't for the fact that I was being stalked by a revenge seeking killer, that statement would be true.
I showed him the letter. His eyes widened in fear. He finally looked up and whispered, 'We have to get out of here,'
We went to the safest place we could. School. Security cameras were everywhere and so were guards.
We thought we were safe. Fact is, no one's ever safe. The killer found us. He also figured out how to get around the security. Nobody stopped him.
I saw him. I grabbed Zephyr's hand and ran. He realized that I saw him and kept pace. I looked over my shoulder. He actually was following us. My vision had come true.
We kept running. I saw the door to the roof and flung it open, Zephyr following me up the steps. We shut the door tight. The killer was closer now.
My idea was stupid. He had cornered us. We would die either way. I started to swear in my head.
He pulled out his gun. I felt so vulnerable for once in my life. He pulled the trigger. A second later, Zephyr fell to the ground unconscious. His leg was gushing blood. I screamed and ran to his side. The killer was gone.
'Oh, Zeph,' I choked out. 'I'm sorry,' A tear ran down my cheek. 'I love you,' I then pressed my lips to his.
Then, I felt something move against my lips. He was kissing me back! I looked at him, a hopeful smile on my face. He smiled back. He lived! We kissed again for about another minute. I stood up and grabbed the gun the killer dropped. I had to find him.
Turns out that I never did find him. But I did have Zephyr. I loved him, and he loved me back. My world was perfect... at least for now.

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dodiemm said...
on Mar. 15 2009 at 3:26 pm
Awesome story! When does the book come out????

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