Character Sketch

February 27, 2009
Elizabeth White is a 33 year-old single mother of a 4 year-old girl, named Jamie. Elizabeth is as pale as the moon with almond eyes and flawless skin. She has a thick mess of jet black curls on top of her head and loves to wear the color black. Elizabeth is tall and slender, once a dancer, now a mourner. She has high cheekbones; brownie brown eyes, and is of Swedish decent.

Elizabeth and Jamie live in a large 3-story home in the Rocky Mountains. Despite her southern upbringing, Elizabeth loves it.

Elizabeth is an interior decorator. She works with some of the world's most renowned actors, singers, and artists. Her late husband was an artist, a very good one too.

Chris, her husband, and Elizabeth met at a small caf' in down town San Francisco. She was a waitress and he was in there to paint a busy scene. They met, and eventually got married. They were married on a boat in Italy and then toured the rest of Europe for their honeymoon. Her life was going good, until' Well that doesn't matter now. Chris was her life, her soul mate, and Elizabeth is so scared to love like that again.

Elizabeth is very easy going and always wants to please everyone. She just can't say no, but along with that, Elizabeth is just as stubborn as she is easy going. When something goes terribly wrong and now this estranged cop is after her, Elizabeth knows something is fishy and she vows to do whatever it takes to find out what it is. This is personal now. In her car she always carries a pocketknife, her cell, and a first aid kit.

Rob Keller is a cop that's been on the RMPD (Rocky Mountain Police Department) for over 15 years. He has solved countless crimes and has been very valuable to the RMPD. Before Rob moved out west, he belonged to the FBI. He did many good things over there but got bored, plus he retired. So he moved out west and caught sight of nature's only true beauty, Elizabeth Whites. Rob fell in love with Elizabeth at first sight and couldn't think of anything else but her.

Now Rob was not even close to as good looking as Elizabeth's husband Chris. While Chris had smooth, chocolate skin and black hair, Rob was white with blue eyes, and fair hair. Rob was pretty in the masculine, but not gorgeous way. Chris was pretty in the gorgeous way.

Rob was brought up in the south like Elizabeth, but unlike Elizabeth, Rob has 7 sisters and brothers including him. Rob is the oldest and because of that, everything is his way or the highway.

Rob has no kids but had a previous wife whom he divorced. Rob loves Jamie though. He sees her around school, at the store, with her mom around town and he just loves her! And she enjoys him as well. Rob lives in a small town house that is right in the middle of things. He loves to hike, bike, swim, ski, etc'

Rob is a very responsible person and a great cop but can he control himself when his love for Elizabeth grows to strong? Is he sure that he want to solve her case?

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