The Ticket

February 27, 2009

My mother had just won the lottery down Main Street in Bp's gas station. I didn't realize what this meant until one early Saturday morning it hit me. 'I could buy anything I ever wanted with a 90 million dollar ticket,' I acknowledged. All I knew was that this could change my life faster than you could say fast! I instantly started making a list, a very big list to my parents on what I wanted for Christmas now knowing that we had a lot more money than ever before.

It was the December 25th and I had just woken up. Anxiously awaiting my presents I knew my parents had gotten me the perfect gift. I knew there was something great to come now having a boat load of money. 'New car!' I shouted.

'Merry Christmas' my dad whispered. I had received my dream car that day'a black metallic Lamborghini with 26' inch rims. My dad also bought a new 13 million dollar mansion so I quickly drove my way to the mansion in my Lamborghini. I felt like a king and was the happiest person on Earth. I felt like nothing could ever go wrong except I did notice this change in my Dad's behavior and I did not like it. He was acting more greedy in a way, more foolish. I think the money was starting to get to his head. He was spending money constantly, buying cars, houses, farm land, and jewelry. He was never home with my mom and I, never spending time with us his family, forgotten would best fit how I felt during this time.

We had spent an estimated 60 million dollars in a seven month period. I knew something was wrong; I wasn't happy; my family had forgotten about me. Then came this unpredictable situation. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. This had a big impact in my life. I believed that money could bring me happiness but in reality all it really brought me was pain and suffering. Knowing that we had so much money, and not being able to help my mom in anyway was hard. I came to realize that your family's health is by far the most important thing in life and no amount of money could ever replace it. As the months past so was the life of my mother. I started to cry, and ask myself why God had chosen to do this to me. My dad spent less money buying cars and was now spending more time alongside my mother instead. One Friday afternoon, I had asked my dad if we could leave the mansion and go back to our original house back in London, Ohio where we used to live. I wanted my old life back, the life I had before we went super rich and what better way than to return to the place where it had all started from. Three weeks later we were back in our old yellow house. I was really excited to see my friends I had left and return to my previous school here in Ohio. We had left Miami, Florida to come here to London and I had no doubt that I had made the right decision in doing so. My dad was beginning to make progress by spending time with my mom and I. As I got back from school that following day I stopped at Wal-Mart to by some flowers and a box of chocolates for my mom. 'Here mom I bought you some flowers to show you how much I love you,' I commented.

'Thank you' my mom had replied. I sat down next to my mom Patricia, and began talking to her about the future. 'Mom I promise you never to get greedy over money again, never to do drugs, never to do harm to others, never to rely on just money,' I confessed to my mom.

'Just promise me one thing son' interrupted my mom. I stood still waiting for her to say something.

'Promise me you'll take care of your family and spend as much time with them as possible,' pleaded my mom.

'Of course Mom,' I said. As I got up to order a large Pepperoni Pizza, I noticed my dad came in with a whole bunch of jewelry. It turns out he had bought my mom lots of jewelry to make her remaining days memorable. Me and my dad did all we could to make my mom as happy as possible.

September 23, 2019 was the day my mom had passed away and died. Mentally, I was focused on making my mom happy by keeping all my promises because I knew she was watching me from above. The fact of the matter is that I missed my mom tremendously. I knew God had done this for a reason so I was going to respect his decision for taking my mom away from me. 'You should be thankful for the life you got, and live your life to the fullest,' I admitted to my dad. 'Dad stop crying and let this be a life lesson and move on,' I inquired.

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