The Day is Saved

February 26, 2009
By kelsey youngworth BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
kelsey youngworth BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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Little Chimp's name is Timmy. He is so adventurous and gets into trouble a lot. Timmy likes to have fun. His father, Tucker, is hard on him sometimes. Tucker never lets Timmy explore the jungle because it is so dangerous.

One bright sunny afternoon little Timmy snuck out of their tree house. His father, Tucker, was sleeping and Timmy took this opportunity to explore. This was the first time Timmy had ever been so far into the heart of the jungle. Tucker had always forbid Timmy from going into the jungle.

Timmy loved the sun and the wind blowing through his fur, as he swiftly flew through the jungle. Swinging from vine to vine, tree to tree. Each second going faster and faster. Until he reached a vine that was just out of his grasp.

SPALT!!! Little Timmy landed face down into a little swamp. After Timmy got up he laughed, not realizing the danger that was encroaching upon him. As Timmy made his way out of the swamp he saw something move.

And then again out of the corner of his beady, little eyes. Timmy begins to panic. All the sudden he realizes he is surrounded by these monstrous creatures, creeping closer and closer to him. He notices their sharp, long, and fang like teeth.

He is frozen in fear, his mind is racing, he can't think straight. Then all the sudden out of nowhere, Tucker comes flying in. Timmy sees Tucker swinging in with a look of desperation on his face.

He swoops down and grabs little Timmy into his arms. Right before the monsters made him a delicious snack. Timmy felt relieved and was still in a great deal of shock. He was filled with extreme joy that he was safe in his daddy's arms.

Timmy learned a valuable lesson that frightful day. He learned to obey his fathers wishes. Who knows what might have happened if Tucker hadn't been there to save the day.

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