The time for peace

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

As I looked on the horizon I saw the army of people approach but I knew that as a Mayan the god Votan would help to win this war. Votan would be watching the war and would not let his people lose . Then I looked up into the sky when a loud thunder rumbled through the field, Votan was indeed watching. When I looked back down the army had stopped for a second there was silence. Then out of nowhere a loud voice yelled 'charge', we ran into battle. We fought but within a few minutes I felt a sharp pain in my side as I looked down I saw a large gash I fell down to die.

As I closed my eyes I saw myself in a beautiful jungle with many flowers and a sparkling lake I felt no more pain and my wound was gone. I got up and saw a figure sitting by the water then I called out to him ' Hello sir, where am I ?'

At first he just was sitting there then he got up and turned around. Then in a strong, firm voice he answered ' This my young friend is my paradise.'

' Then who are you ?' I asked him.

' I am Votan the great god of war and you are Chaac', Votan answered in his strong voice.

' How do you know who I am ?' I asked as I dropped to the floor to bow in front of my god.

' There is no need to bow my young friend I know your name because I am a god', Votan answered.

I was out of words but I had to say something. ' Am I dead ', I managed to gasp out.

' No, I simply brought you here to tell you why I am known as the god of war', Votan answered.

So then we started to walk back towards where Votan was sitting then I noticed a piece of wood with a knife and wood shavings all around it. As we got closer to the river I saw a large canoe in the river then Votan climbed in to the canoe and me after him. Then Votan began to speak ' Chaac, do you know why I am called the god of war?'

' No I do not know why you are called that.' I answered.

' I am called that because before this life I was a powerful king. I was in many wars and I never lost a war but know I realize that what I had done was wrong. I now realize that the fighting was not necessary all of my problems could have been solved with peace but I can no longer do what I should have done but you can. So go now young Chaac bring peace to our violent world.' Votan said to me and in a flash I was back in the field where the war was at. I got up and ran to do the right thing.

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