The Little Brother

February 27, 2009
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Joe was on his way to go buy a new baseball bat for his upcoming season. He was loved by his parents and got basically everything he wanted. He got to the store and saw a whole wall of baseball bats. He was just so excited because he thought he could get whatever bat he wanted. He found this nice and new bat. It was a name brand bat and was red, black, and white. The price was three hundred and fifty dollars.

Mark, Joe's dad barked, 'This is way too much.'

Joe replied, 'But I'm an only child and get whatever I want.'

His dad sighed, and picked up the bat. 'Nice bat' Mark claimed. 'I don't like how you have been treating me lately.'

Joe finally realized that he might not get the bat he wanted. 'But dad, you get me everything I want.'

'That's the problem; we are running out of money,' his dad whispered. Joe thought in his head if they were really running out of money, or if his dad was just saying that. Joe was a smart kid. He was in all advanced classes as a freshman. He then saw his dad put down the bat and go grab another one. 'Look at this one,' his dad acknowledged. 'It's brand new and the same color as the other one you want, and it's only one hundred dollars! How about we get this one instead?'

'But dad? Everyone has this bat' he whined holding the three hundred and fifty dollar bat.

'Well then, why don't you use one of your teammates bats, if everyone has one?' his dad questioned

'I need my own!' Joe screamed

'No son,' his dad warned 'It's the hundred dollar bat or nothing.'

'Fine! Get the lame bat and come on!' he whined as he left the store to go sit in the car.

His dad opened the car door and said, 'That was a pretty stupid stunt you pulled in there.'

'Yea, Yea,' Joe said sarcastically with his headphones on.

First day of practice and he had his new bat in his hand. He wasn't extremely happy with the bat, but he was a little happy he had his own bat. As soon as he walked onto the baseball field, the team stared in shock. 'What's that look for?' he questioned

Jason, one of his buddies from the baseball team asked 'dude that is a sweet bat, how much did you pay for that bat?'

'You really think its cool?' Joe asked surprised. 'It um... only cost one hundred dollars.' He hesitated

'That's it?!' Jason asked astonished. 'I would think that bat would cost over four hundred dollars!'

On his way home from practice his dad asked, 'So how was the new bat?'

'Just amazing,' he answered still excited 'everyone loves it."

"I have some important news to tell you Joe," his father muttered' The reason I could not buy you that bat, was because we need to save our money, because we are expecting a new child in our family."

"Mom's pregnant?" Joe questioned.

"Yes" his father responded. "Now do you understand why we couldn't buy you that bat?"

"Yes dad, it's ok though because the whole team and I like this bat, and I think it is going to be a good bat. By the way, I hit really good today with my bat."

"That's good," he father said cheerfully, and turned on the radio. It was quiet the rest of the way home.

When they got home Joe's mother Jordan, was watering the plants. Joe got out of the car and went and hugged his mother.

"What's this for?" His mother questioned

"Congratulations," he said.

Two weeks passed, and it was time for his games to start. His first game he was so happy to find out his coach thought he was the best hitter on the team.

"No thanks to my new bat," Joe acknowledged

Thirty minutes till game time and it was his team's turn to have batting practice on the field. He was first to hit. The pitcher started pitching to him, and he hit anything that came near him. Others on the team had hit, and it was time for the game to start. He was batting fourth which is great on the batting roster. The players batting first and second struck out. His friend Jason was batting third. First pitch Jason got, he swung and hit it over the third basemen's head. He was on first with two outs.

"Come on Joe," his coach said. "Time to shine."

'Come on lucky bat, you can do it," Joe told his bat. First pitch and SMACK! The ball went flying through the air.

"Home Run!" his coach yelled.

The end of the day they pulled off a close win. They had won 4-3. Joe knew his lucky bat would help him out the rest of the season. The next game he went to pull his bat out of his bag and it's was gone!

"What could have happened to it?" he said out loud to himself. He wanted to blame his parents, but he knew it was his fault. He tried to use another bat, and could not do well with it. Strike after strike right by him. He could not use another bat. His dad asked him on the way home what happened to his bat.

"I lost it." he cried

"Son, I'm glad you did not blame your mom and me. We took your bat as a test. You passed." his dad said as he handed him the bat. "We just wanted to see how you would react, and if you would blame us for it."

"I am glad I have changed, I don't want to be like I used to be, treating you and mom bad," Joe admitted.

'I'm glad you feel that way,' his dad confessed

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