The Girl Beneath The Spider's Web

July 10, 2016
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Skylar woke and saw the wet, rich earth under her, dark as if it had just rained. She saw the green leaves near her from the bushes sway slightly in the breeze. She looked up expecting to see stormy, grey clouds yet was horrified at what she had seen. She saw an enormous spider web dripping with black liquid. A drop fell on her and it burned. Toxic. There were thousands of spiders with beady red eyes all appearing from the top of web coming down and settling themselves in their respective parts of the web. It seemed peculiar that they were arranging themselves in such a way until, Skylar realized with horror what it meant. They were waiting for someone, or something. She tried dragging herself away, the spiders and the web never leaving her sight. But, she hit against something a dark figure, an enormous wall blocking her from escape. Skylar looked around and her eyes widened. She was in the square of a building of some sorts. But, it wasn't bright enough to see the true detail. She heard loud thuds coming from above the spider web, which seemed to be a black abyss. Skyler gripped onto the only thing that seemed normal and familiar, the ground.
The sky broke open and a spider bigger than Skylar’s wild imagination can make up appeared in the center of the web. It made the whole web sink down. Skyler grabbed the ground even harder and she felt grass come off the earth and into her hands. The web threatened to break and trap Skylar even further but, Skylar reacted swiftly. She grabbed a large branch near her and placed it under the sinking web, which was nearing her and the black liquid was now giving a rather strong odor. The branch held the web and its effects. Skyler sighed and crawled to her corner, she let the web out of her sight for once. She stayed in that corner and talked to the spider. One was the apparently trustworthy one who conversed with the other spiders while still talking to Skylar. Naomi. Then, there was one who Skylar had chatted with who seemed to the fairest and most likeable. Scarlett. Additionally, there was the one with only pale blue eyes and everyone else had kept their distance from. Weirdo, the other spiders said. Hazel. Next there was the one who had the unproportioned face who after a little while of chit chat the two drifted apart and she seemed like a distant memory. Frankie.
But then there were the spiders who didn't hide their hostility or distaste for Skylar. Addison was one who had seemingly was almost against anything Skylar had an opinion on or her choices. Sometimes she would stare at Skylar whenever Skylar had revealed a small part of herself to the spider. In addition, there was Jim who never listened to what Skylar would say and would start yelling at Skylar for no apparent reason other than Skylar having a different stance on a certain topic. Skylar resisted the urge to climb up into the web letting the black liquid burn her body and defend herself further. But, fortunately she avoided that since she felt certain spiders watching her but, that's all they ever did. They observed her the only human and the spiders who interacted with her. Never truly intervening, Skylar was always wary of them but respected them and kept her distance. Finally, the most poisonous of them all that really irked Skylar was Cheryl, who had dropped microaggressions constantly at Skylar and always had a smug, witch-like smile when she said them and eventually destroyed the fading relationship between Skylar and Naomi with a fast blow, which resulted in an instant death of the friendship. There were other spiders that had bothered Skylar and they had irritated Skylar and sure they made her upset but, they were quickly forgotten afterwards.
Sure, they all had made Skylar upset. She cried, screamed, and shouted but then again she was stuck with them, she couldn't leave. She tried talking to all sorts of the spiders but, none ever were truly well for her. She was all alone with no one like her.

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