The Killer Well

July 10, 2016
By Diya.22 SILVER, New Delhi , Other
Diya.22 SILVER, New Delhi , Other
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HELLO ! I am Sana  , I live in a village of Kerala . It is a small village with 12 to 14  families . My father is a social worker and had recently got a transfer to this village . We live in a house which has a beautiful garden and at the corner of the garden there is an old well which was very dusty and wooden barks on it and looked unused for centuries. When I went near the well in curiosity I saw old blood on the bricks of the well and when I looked inside a scary harsh voice came from the bottom of the well “ help me , save me”  .  One day when I was walking down the village an old lady who lived next door stopped me and asked me whether I  wanted to hear a spooky legend about the well in my garden I knew that something wrong was there and the well was not a simple well that’s why I said “yes”. She told me that earlier, the well was in between the two houses one of which was owned by her , but later a fence was made in between , so the well was now in my garden . I requested her to tell me the whole story as I was getting excited . She started like all the stories start with , once upon a time there were two families who were sharing a well . One fine morning  two ladies Pial and Sonam of the different families , were  taking out water from the well  and suddenly from nowhere a lady arrived who was very very old , shabbily dressed and walked with the help of a wooden stick in her hand .  The two ladies got scared and ran close to each other .  Then after a moment Pial who had  earlier lived in our house asked the old lady why she had come  . The old lady replied that she was very thirsty and wanted water to drink . As soon as she finished her sentence ; Sonam got very angry and impolitely screamed on that lady “ Go and drink water from your own well ; don’t bother us” . The old lady got very furious and said something looking up into the sky “ amo n atat uwo raud ta”. The two ladies exchanged glances ,  asking each other what the old lady was saying . The old lady then looked into the eyes of Sonam and with anger told her that she was just asking for water which God has created for everyone. She added that water was same every where whether it came from her well or the old lady’s . So for treating her very badly and shouting at her, she had cursed her,  that she would lose her first child   in front of her eyes and would go into depression. Suddenly the wind started blowing very fast and after a  moment it ceased and when it did the old lady  disappeared Pial was horrified and told Sonam that she had taken a big curse on her head , but Sonam looking calm and chilled out , told Pial to forget about the incident and stop thinking about that old lady . Later the two ladies went to their houses .
After a year and few months Sonam gave birth to the most  prettiest baby girl in the village. By now  Sonam and Pial had forgotten all about the curse the given by the old lady and were living their  life very happily . Sonam named her daughter Ajlal meaning a beautiful and young princess . When Ajlal  turned five she was playing in the garden with her ball and suddenly the ball slipped her from her hand   and rolled towards the well . When Ajlal went near the well to take her ball out of curiosity  she peeked into the well. Suddenly from the bottom of the well came a harsh , coarse and scary voice Ajlal got frightened and she slipped  into the well and lost her  consciousness. When she regained her consciousness she saw that  she was alone in a dark room with no windows or doors . She shouted and  cried but nobody was there who could hear her . Then suddenly she looked up and saw  the real world. When Sonam came to call Ajlal for  lunch she saw that Ajlal was not there . She got very worried and hyper . She looked for her daughter everywhere  but her daughter was no where to be seen . Hearing Sonam’s voice Pial came out and asked Sonam what the matter was Sonam told her that Ajlal was missing . Pial consoled her and told her to calm down.  When Sonam regained her composure , Pial suggested that they should go to each and every house in the village and look for Ajlal . However , all their efforts were in vain . Later Sonam  ran to her husband telling him the whole story .Hours passed and finally ,  Ajlal’s father found her ball and her slipper near the well . When he looked inside the well he saw Ajlal crying. He exclaimed that he found Ajlal when the couple and Sonam came to the well and tried to take out Ajlal . Sonam remembered the curse the old lady had given her , that she would lose  her first child in front of her eyes and will go into depression . Sonam , remembering that incident , started crying and tried very hard to take out her daughter . Suddenly in the clear sky lightning and thunder storm occurred  but the two couples didn’t stop . Suddenly they saw the old lady who  gave Sonam this curse come behind Ajlal with a sharp knife  and killed Ajlal . Sonam fell on the ground crying very loudly  . After one month Pial and her husband shifted to another village and Sonam created a fence between their  house and the well . The story finished but I wanted to hear more , when I looked up I saw tears coming out of my neighbour’s eyes . I asked her why she was crying . She ignored my question and asked me whether I had  liked the story or not . I replied with full honesty that I liked the story very much . I asked her whether after this incident  anyone lived in the house she was living in . The old lady replied very politely that I was the first one to live in that house after the incident ; I asked her the last question, “Where is  Sonam now ?” .  She replied that nobody knews where Sonam was . At the back of my head I always had this question that why  the old lady was crying and what happened to Sonam . It had been 10 years that I have heard this story or legend but still that question keep cropping up my mind . At the back of my mind I think that the old lady who told me this legend ; was Sonam .............

The author's comments:

This story is very special to me because it's my first story and I hope you like it 

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