Cities and Flaws

July 9, 2016

Cities and Flaws 1
Desideria is said to have started centuries ago. If you are able to locate Desideria, everything still stands. If you visit you can see the desolate land that was once great. Long ago, the inhabitants decided that there was too much violence in the world. Every street was stained with blood. Violence pierced the heart of every person. There were too many people with too much power. Their goal was to stop the fighting. They wanted to feel safe. They wanted to live without fear. The problem was that no one could decide the correct way to stop it. No one agreed on anything. And each inhabitant didn’t want to compromise. So, they built the boxes.
In Desideria there is a box for everyone. They stretch as far as the eye can see. It is a field of silence and boxes and silence. If you go there, you will have a box, too. You will know which box is yours. On the outside it will be like everyone else’s. The stainless steel shines in the light. The top will open for you. Once you go in, you will never come out. On the inside it will be your ideal Desideria. The temptation to live there is far too great for you to resist. It has everything you ever wanted.  You will live in peace in your box, forever. Only you will be alone.
In every box in the city of Desideria there is someone going mad. There is too much violence in Desideria. No one in the city is at peace. No one leaves their boxes, for citizens have forgotten the world outside. They wait out their days longing for a human touch or any kind of contact. Wishing, dreaming to be released from the prison that is their mind. So they cut and jab at themselves to feel something. Slowly, they pick themselves apart. The inhabitants of Desideria need to be rescued from the boxes. They need to be rescued from themselves.

Cities and Flaws 2
In Cosima everyone looks the same. Everyone talks the same. Everyone agrees. Everyone thinks the same. Everyone lives in harmony. There are houses lined with white picket fences and beautiful green lawns. In every house they look exactly alike. Every person owns the same clothes. All the kids are the same age. They have the same toys. And everyone has a specific job, but really they do the same thing. Except the inhabitants can tell the difference. Only they know who is who. They know the difference. For they have lived like this for centuries. They learn to adapt.
Every so often a group of kids, who look exactly the same, decide they don’t like this life. They decide the white picket fences are too pristine. They want to wear different clothes. They think that they have to be different. And they do. This doesn’t fit with the other inhabitants. And this doesn’t fit because everyone is supposed to think the same. So, the group runs off. They create another Cosima. And there are no white picket fences. And they look different, but they are the same. And everyone comes to join them because they need to think the same. So, not a thing changes.
But if you stumble into Cosima when you are very young, you can be the same. And if you stumble into Cosima when you are very old, you can be the same. Even if you don’t want to. One day you will wake up and realize that you want a white picket fence. And slowly you will want to wear their clothes. They don’t try to be the same in Cosima. They just are. Because everyone is the same. And we adapt. And we are always adapting.

Cities and Flaws 3
The city of Andreina was never inhabited. It is a lost memory of the past. They tried to make it a utopia. They tried to be perfect. So they tested every person, young and old, in order to make them fit the mold. Harmony was the task they took it upon themselves to produce. In the test their opinions were questioned. Their thoughts were judged. Their ideas were critiqued. Finally, they selected the group. These people exemplified the best of humanity. Together, they would start a perfect species. Each individual was chosen for a reason. Each house was perfect and every building was flawless. This was the future. And it is the future.
No one was chosen to live in Andreina. No one fit the mold. Perfection was not seen in any person. But, everyone else thought that a group went on. Years passed by and the city was left untouched. All the work put into the city has gone to waste. No one remembers the candidates. The story was passed through generations. It became a tall tale. Each generation thought the criteria was flawed in a different way. Each generation had better buildings. Each generation had a new way of thinking about Andreina. These people, who were not chosen, became more advanced as a culture. They grew and were innovative, as Andreina stayed still, untouched.
Tourists go to laugh at the stupidity of earlier generations. It has become a big attraction. Souvenirs are sold. They call Andreina the city that never was. Because it wasn’t. No one tries to preserve the city because they know it isn’t real. It isn’t historic because there were no miracles there. The city of Andreina is completely destroyed. No one living understands the remnants. They scoff and laugh at this memory of the past. They point out every mistake. They make fun of the forgotten past.
But, soon their voices are lost. They drift into the inferno. No one remembers Andreina. No one remembers the tourist attraction.  No one remembers. Everything has gone to waste in the city that never was. This is the burn of the inferno. And this is the future for all.

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