Voices in the Desert

July 8, 2016
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Isn’t it funny how the trees that surround this here lonely road can just morph into one endless sea of green? Yet no matter how fast you go, every car seems different. I for one enjoy it; almost like you know what to expect; relaxing, tranquil, tantalizing. The road here, stretches on, for God knows how long. And, the deeper you go down it, the sparser it seems to become. Almost mimics your thoughts. Oops, I almost left out the sky. It floods with pure blue: the more you look at it, the more intense it becomes. The once bright light blue is now a strong cobalt… But wait, haven’t you been observing the road? The more winding it gets the more you begin to pray for an obstacle to put your mind against. A rock in the other lane, maybe some strong desert winds, if that’s a thing, or maybe some… forks? Forks, silver mangled forks, just lying about in the middle of this desert road. If you’re like me, then your mind is probably thinking about the backstory of those forks and just what purpose they have in your journey to God knows where. You wonder what happens if you run one over, maybe a sharp crunch sound occurs or somehow the meaning of life is discovered!?
What? It could happen! Have
ever ran over a fork while driving on a deserted desert road at 10 at night? Ha-ha! That’s what I thought! If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t either…Hey, don’t look at me like that. I’m simply the narrator in your mind, and I am here to assist it as it wanders through every little thought you have. Anyway, where were we?
Ah yes, that fork in the road. You begin to wonder what happens if you run one over, yet you do not know! That is, until your daydream lands you with a flat tire, forcing you to shamefully pull over.
After about two hours or so, you have managed to dig through every good and bad idea stuffed in your brain about how to fix this blown out tire. Maybe you could just stay the night in your car, I mean, it can’t be that bad, right? Look, your phone’s out of service, the city isn’t for roughly 20 miles, and let’s face it, you’re not in the best of shape. And, there’s nothing more inviting than that white pleather bench seat and that
beach towel that smells like a cat has figuratively
on it, along with everything in between!
Are you comfy yet? I’ve got more for you to think about! Look at the sky, it’s fascinating with all the shapes the stars have managed to make, from a bull, to twins, to a… centaur! Oh and the transcending colors that manage to paint the night sky as if it were God’s canvas. Awe fills you and the world begins to melt away as if you were floating through the endless abyss that is space. It’s crazy how powerful the mind is; it can make seconds last hours, make memories eternal, and create little voices, like me, to help your brain wander through cosmic time. But wait, what is that light interrupting my visions, you ask. Suddenly taking you out of this daydream, or
, daydream at night? Oh, dream-like-state, that’s it! Open your eyes and let’s find out!
This bright white light, is this the end? Or is it a car that could save us? No, i-it’s a… flashlight? Hey, peek out the window… what is this? A group of people walking the desert at 1:40 am? Maybe they’re nice and can assist us! Look I know it sounds insane, but you’re sleep deprived and suddenly dehydrated, you need this,
need this! C’mon they can’t be that bad, some of them are wearing
. Look I think I’m judging these books correctly. You exit the car door with caution as the group begins to pass the side of the car. And what’s funny yet weird at the same time is that no words were said, the presumed leader smiled and pointed in the direction of the city, confirming my, I mean, your thoughts. The group walks… and walks… and walks… and walks… Then out of thin air a black and white city embraces you with all its might. As you venture through the city the art stands out the most, it’s the only thing in color. The vibrant colors of the rainbow come alive next to the dull skyscrapers leaving little attention for them. What is this, you ask, trying to get a better look at… the road! The road you were just on is now an art piece hanging in this city. Your eyes find a plaque next to the painting. On it reads “U.S. Highway 1” 1962- 2003, “Found this morning in the backseat of a red, 1965  Thunderbird, and is thought to have died in their sleep. They will be missed.” This isn’t just any old city, this is your heaven.

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