February 11, 2009
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It was Friday and I was sitting in english class, when I had a flashback of Daniel and me. He was so cute, his blonde hair, his perfect face. He was tall, but me, I was short, not stubby, just short. It was the first day of school when he noticed me. I was wearing my favorite green top with my jean skirt and my green converse. I was walking down the hall when we bumped into each other. I had dropped my books on purpose thinking that he might pick them up for me, but, all he did was look down at them. It took him a while to figure out that he should pick them up.

'Oh, umm, thanks Daniel,' I stuttered, 'I'm sorry I didn't see you.'

'It's ok, so here's your books Josie,' he smiled back at me.

'I'll see you later I guess,' I said while walking away.

I was so happy. It was the first time he had ever talked to me. It had been three whole years of admiring him from a distance. This year was going to be different. At least I hoped it would be.

All of a sudden I heard my name. It was Mr. Collman, my english teacher, who was asking me a question. Since I was not listening, I started to stumble on the words. Then my best friend mouthed some words that I was not sure of.

'Umm, I'm sorry Mr. Collman, I don't understand the question, could you repeat it?' I tried to buy some time.

'No, I'm sorry Josie, that question was not hard.' He exclaimed, 'The question was simple. The question was, 'Are you day dreaming again Josie!'. How do you not understand?'

He was right, how was I going to get past this question. I was doomed. If he wrote this down, I would be in serious trouble with my parents.

'I'm sorry Mr. Collman, I thought that you had said day screaming,' I knew this was not going to work, but I had to give it a chance.

'Oh, well I'm so sorry. Now I get how you misunderstood.' He said sarcastically, 'Well, were you day dreaming?'

'No Mr. Collman, I was looking out the window, because I thought I saw an interesting plant. Then I was going to show you the plant.' This had to work, he was a big sucker for plants.

'Oh, well thank you Josie, let me see what you were looking at,' He started moving towards the window.

I had to pick a plant, and fast. So the first plant I saw that looked different, was the one that I showed to Mr. Collman. He seemed very interested, so I guessed I was off the hook.

'Wow, Josie. Nobody knew that this plant lived in America.' Still, he seemed sarcastic. Maybe that was just the way he was. 'I can't believe it.' This time it seemed like he meant it.

He looked at me, then, a very small smile came to his face. I was not sure what was going to happen. I did not want to say it, but I was scared. I did not know why he had a slight smile on his face.

'DRRRRRRRRRIING' It was the bell, I was so happy. Yet I did not think that I was going to be able to leave the class. Mr. Collman looked at me, and waved his hand toward the door, I figured that I should leave. So, after leaving the class, I heard someone say my name. I looked around, even in Mr. Collman's classroom, but he was not there. I kept looking while walking towards my next class, then I heard my name again.

'Josie, wait up.' It sounded like Daniel. 'Wait, I forgot to give you this invitation to my party when we bumped into each other.

I turned around and saw him, it was Daniel. Still, I could not get over the fact that he was giving me an invite to his 15th birthday party.

'Oh, hey Daniel.'

'Hey Josie, umm,' He looked at me 'I forgot to give you an invite to my party. We're going to a concert. And, I picked five friends to go backstage with me.'

'Oh, wow that is really cool.' I was so happy he was going to invite me to a concert.

It was Saturday and I had nothing to do, Daniel's party was tomorrow. I went over to my best friend's house. When I knocked at the door her mom answered.

'Well, hello Josie,' Amy's mother said as she saw me, 'Amy is up in her room.'

'Thanks Mrs. Polk,' I said while running up the stairs.

I ran all the way up the twenty-seven stairs, and just stood their breathing heavily. I looked around and saw Amy come out of her room. It seemed as if she had just been crying, I ran over to her.

'Amy, are you alright? Tell me you haven't been crying,' I probably looked worried because she looked at me oddly. Unfortunately, she started crying again.

I was mad at myself, I could not believe I had made her cry. It was all my fault. If I had not asked her, she would not have cried again. I hugged her and told her it was going to be alright. She led me to her room and tried to explain. She was unable to explain because of all the stuttering. I stroked her long black hair trying to calm her down. Her face was still wet, but the crying slowly calmed down. After a while she had stopped crying, but her eyes were still red and puffy.

'Amy, what's wrong,' I was trying to understand, 'You can tell me.'

'I'uhh'umm'I don't know if my mom will let me tell you.' She was starting to cry more. I looked at her, trying to calm her down. I gave her a big hug, and whispered in her ear.

'It's going to be all right even if you can't tell me what happened. I trust you Amy.'

'Thanks Josie. It's just, umm, a family thing.'

'Well, I gotta go, my mom's expecting me for lunch.' I said while going out the door.

She looked at me and smiled. I knew that she was going to be alright so it was okay that I was leaving. As I said good bye to Amy's Mom, I remembered that the party was the next day. I got so excited that I started to run back towards my house. As soon as I knocked, my mom answered and I ran into the kitchen.

'Hey mom, I have to go to this party tomorrow,' I yelled while getting something out of the fridge for us to share. 'I don't have anything to wear. Do you think you could take me to go get an outfit?'

'Umm, I guess we can.' She said puzzled.

I set the table as she sat down. I had laid out two ham sandwiches for us to share. But I knew that we would be eating while driving to the mall. My mom was looking through her purse trying to get her keys. Once she had found them she nodded her head towards the door and got up. I headed towards the doorway when the door bell rang. I opened the door and realized that it was a sales man.

'I'm sorry. Were in a real rush to get out of the house.' I tried to push him backwards.

'Well I just want a donation for the breast cancer cure.' He kept trying to push forward.

'I'm sorry,' I said right in his face this time. 'Mom, let's go, we need to hurry up and find something.'

'Okay honey. Just give this poor man a dollar or two from the drawer right there please.' she said well pointing at the drawer.

I gave him five dollars as I walked out the door. We were in the car and we were talking about where we should go to find an outfit. Once we had decided we were there. I got out of the car and walked into the store. The first thing I saw, I knew it would be what I was going to get. I rushed over to my mom, took her arm and sprinted over to the outfit. She looked at the outfit as if it was a zebra from Africa. Then, her eyes glimmered with slight delight. I thought she was going to say yes, but I realized that her eyes had shifted over to another outfit. This time, she took my arm and moved me over towards the outfit. I looked at it, and sighed.

'It's a nice outfit mom,' I said very sarcastically. 'For a grandmother.'

The outfit was a sea green dress. It was long, almost to the ankles, and shapeless. It had a draw cord around the waist. The cord was black, and it clashed with the sea green. I walked back over to the other outfit. Now that I got a good look at it I really liked it. The nice grey knee length skirt, with black leggings underneath. I looked at the shirt. It was my favorite color, light purple, not lavender, just a little short of lavender, but it was pretty. I went over to the rack next to the mannequin. I found my size, 14, I picked up the leggings, the shirt, and the skirt. My mom looked at me like I should not be getting the outfit, but I went to the changing rooms anyways.

Once I was fully dressed in the new outfit, I looked in the mirror. My purple shirt just completed the outfit. If the shirt had been blue, it might have been different. I got dressed into my normal clothes and walked over to the cash register. I knew that my mom would not buy it for me because she hated the outfit. So, I got out my wallet. It had my latest babysitting money in it, a hundred dollars from the whole week. The lady at the register rang up the items. The total was sixty-eight dollars and forty-five cents. I gave her a fifty, and a twenty dollar bill, she packaged the outfit, put the receipt in the bag and handed me the change.

I looked at my mom while smiling. She came over, took my hand and told me something, but I was not listening. I was just thinking of what the concert would be like.

We got home, and ate dinner. After eating I went back upstairs, looked at my outfit, and smiled. I got my pajamas out from under my pillow and changed. Once I was in my pajamas, I moved my outfit to hang in the closet. I pulled back the covers and laid down in bed. I pulled the blue polka dot covers up to my chin and laid there. I closed my eyes. The black slowly faded to a grassy hill where I sat with someone that I could not really make out.

It seemed only like a few minutes had passed when I opened my eyes. But the sunlight shone through my unclosed shades. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. Then, in a flash, I remembered that today was the day of the concert. I looked over towards my closet to see my outfit, but it wasn't there. It had been replaced with the sea green grandmother outfit. I rubbed my eyes again to make sure I wasn't seeing anything. When my eyes were fully adjusted, I realized that my new outfit that I bought was still there. It was a good thing the outfit was still hanging there. I knew that my mom would never do that to me. She would never replace something that I bought, with my own money. I just knew it. I went over to my new outfit. I looked at it, and admired it.

As I was walking down the stairs to go get breakfast I noticed that the front door was open. I looked at the clock, and it read twelve o'clock, but I did not believe this, until my mom came in from outside with a plate of sushi.

'Josie, when I came up to wake you up, you looked so peaceful, so I let you sleep in.' My mom smiled at me, 'What time is the concert?'

As I ran back up the stairs to go get the invitation, I heard a car come up the driveway. I went and got the invitation, and looked out my window. It was a limo. I saw Daniel get out of the car, and knock on the door.

'Mom, can you get that? It's Daniel, tell him I'll be down there in a few.' I said well pulling off my pajamas.

'Okay,' she said while muttering something to herself that I could not hear. 'Oh, well hi Daniel. Josie's just up stairs getting ready. She slept a little late. She just looked so peaceful that I let her sleep in.'

Why did moms have to be so embarrassing? I wondered as I put on some makeup. I tied up my hair in a really cute bun, and came down the stairs. I got a pair of shoes by the door. I put on a pair of white flats.

'Hi Daniel, let's go,' I said while giving my mom a big hug, 'I'll be fine mom, no need to worry. There well be an adult with us, so don't worry.' I reassured her while walking out the door with Daniel.

The ride to the concert wasn't that long. All six of us sat in the car while chatting. We laughed, listened to music, and did what every teenager would do on their way backstage at a concert. Right as soon as we got there. We saw a red carpet out front of the doors. The limo stopped right in front of it. The chauffeur opened the door and we all got out. We went through the door, and ended up backstage. The first thing I noticed was Aaron Beckam sitting down at the makeup station. Daniel walked over to him and said hi. Aaron smiled back. It was almost like they knew each other and maybe they did. We all followed Daniel and walked over towards Aaron.

'Well hey guys, welcome back stage.' Aaron said with his big commercial smile, 'There's a snack bar over there. We have some really good food.'

Everybody except for Daniel walked over to the snack table. We all got a little something and then walked back. Everyone spread out to look around backstage. I was talking to Daniel while everybody else was looking around.

'Oh my god Daniel, this is so cool,' I exclaimed. 'This is the coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life.'

'Thanks, well I'm kinda used to the backstage thing, but I can tell that nobody else is used to it.' He laughed while looking around.

'I'm a little hungry, I didn't have breakfast or lunch,' I said while moving away, 'I'll be right back.'

I made my way over to the snack table, when I noticed a girl that had not come with us in the limo, come up to Daniel. This made me a little suspicious, but I did not mind it. When I had finally picked some thing from the snack table, I turned to face Daniel, and the first thing I saw was him kissing her. I looked around, but it seemed that nobody else had seen the kiss. I trudged towards the closest wall, and slumped down. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster and faster. I knew that the tears were coming. I put my head between my knees to help stop the crying, but it did not help. I closed my eyes, and tried to dream another dream.

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