The Misadventure of Pete the Pot

February 11, 2009
By Dalton Morse BRONZE, Bellows Falls, Vermont
Dalton Morse BRONZE, Bellows Falls, Vermont
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One morning Pete the pot woke up in a very bad mood, so he decided to walk to his good friend Todd the toaster. And Pete said to Todd the toaster, 'Todd I'm in a very bad mood today.' But as you may know toasters don't talk. But no one had the heart to tell the little pot.

So thinking Todd was deaf, Pete told him in sign language. (Yes you read correctly.) And so he and Todd the toaster decided to go on an adventure. Pete decided he would lead Todd on a piece of string because now he thought that Todd was deaf, blind, and mute. But the rest of us know that toasters are inanimate objects.

While Pete was walking the string broke leaving Todd behind, but he still kept going. When he stopped he looked behind him and saw the broken string and thought, 'Oh no. Todd ran away!' (But we should all know by now that toasters can't run.)

So he went looking for Todd the toaster while yelling. 'Todd where are you?' But as I have said way too much, toasters don't have the ability to hear things. But no one had the heart to tell him. If they did he wouldn't have gotten lost.

Pete had ended up far away in Arizona. He had no way to get back, and the heat was making his glass crack. He was almost out of energy when he found Todd the toaster. (Don't ask.) So Pete told Todd he was worried about him and to never run away again.

The next morning, after resting, Pete decided that this adventure was too dangerous for Todd. Little did he know if he left the toaster he would feel its wrath! And he also knew nothing about the Grand Canyon. So Pete left very early and got away from Todd. A while later Pete arrived at the Grand Canyon. Little did he know that Todd had come alive from the anger and sadness of losing his friend. So Todd followed Pete to the Grand Canyon in an outrage, and Pete had no idea how much trouble he was in.

When Pete got to the Grand Canyon he looked off the edge just as he felt someone push him, and he fell down. As he was falling, he heard a voice say, 'As you fall look towards the sun because that's a sight you'll never see again!' And then Pete hit the ground and shattered into tiny pieces.

Todd looked down at the remains of Pete and decided what he had done was wrong. So he went to the edge of the canyon and looked down. Then he ran away.

As he ran, he was haunted by images from the past. They all involved Pete. Pete was showing Todd the error of his ways.

That happened many years ago, and still to this day, you can find the body of Todd the toaster. He went insane, climbed up a tree and pretended it was the Grand Canyon. Then he jumped off and got back on to jump again until he couldn't any more, and then he laughed himself to death. (Yes, toasters can laugh and die.) And the morals of the story are: don't go crazy and never trust a toaster. Even if it's not alive.

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