A Day Just Like Everyother

February 10, 2009
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Monday. 9:45 a.m. Just another school day, a day like any other. Except that something was different about this particular Monday, I just couldn't put my finger on it. I turned half my body toward the window right by me in an attempt to block out my teachers dull monotone voice. Like I said, today was just like every other day.
It was dark and gloomy outside as the rain dripped down each tall pine tree. The streets were empty, at least what I could see of them through the crevasses of the gates. Everything was a wet and dull gray, somewhat like the man who called himself a teacher, as he stood up in front of the class and lectured about his youthful passions and how they had failed him.
'The day will come when life throws everything it has at you. Hopefully, you're ready by then, to take the world head-on. You only have one chance in this life, never forget that.' He said as the lines of despair and failure crossed the contours of his face.
Today was just like every other day.
I turned back to the window, deciding once and for all I would just give up on the class lecture and focus on the little marsh that was forming outside. But as I started zoning out, something crystal blue caught my eye. The blue was so clear, so beautiful that it stood out from the rest of the gray landscape that consumed the school. His blue eyes were the only thing weightless and serene on his entire face. He stood across the street. Where he had come from, I had no idea. I couldn't take my eyes off the cold blue eyes that seemed to be watching me, that seemed to understand everything I had longed for. Shivers ran up and down my spine, but I couldn't look away from such beauty. He seemed to be getting closer, or maybe my mind was just focusing in, either way, he was clearer. His hands were thrust into the pockets of a black, long overcoat that was obviously in need of sewing. His hair, a mass of uncombed black silk, framed his pale exhausted face to perfection. Whether he was beautiful or not, I will never know for all I could focus on where the two pale blue crystals that shimmered even in the gloom.
As he approached the window, I noticed he had removed his hands from his pockets, or what must have once been hands. From the wrist down he had been poorly bandaged. His fingers cut and bleeding profusely, turning the dirt stained wrappings crimson red. I looked back up at his face, expecting to see all the pain of the world but instead seeing indifference lining the contours of his perfectly pale face.
Even though we were separated by glass, I could still hear him perfectly, even over the drone of the teacher.
'I can give you freedom. I can show you the world. Just take my hand. We can have it all'.' He whispered as he reached out for me.
Unable to speak, unable to move, unable to even understand what he wanted of me I sat there bewildered and uncertain.
I had wanted freedom from this teacher, from this room, from this simple everyday life, and now I was being given an option, a choice and all I had to do was take it.
'I can show you everything there is in the world. I can take you anywhere you want to go. There's just a small price you have to pay, like I had to.' he murmured, 'It doesn't bother me anymore and now I have everything I've always wanted. Pay the price, and I'll be your freedom.'
And I wanted to say yes. I wanted to believe him. I did. But I couldn't. He instantly understood. Slowly walking backward, dissolving into the gray. I tried looking for the calming blue, the crystals that would tell me he understood why I couldn't but I wasn't able to find them anywhere. Two slate marbles had taken their place. And with a blink of an eye, one I wish I had never taken, he was gone; gone forever.
I blinked, trying to regain my focus.
'My passions, they lead me nowhere. They abandoned me. Even so, I wouldn't trade any of the tears I had to shed or the pain I had to take for anything in the world'.' The monotone voice complained.
Like I said, today was just like every other day.

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