Walk With Me

February 10, 2009
By Vanessa Vincenti BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Vanessa Vincenti BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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It resides in the icy underground caves, blanketed in darkness. The creature hibernates in a spider-like position, all limbs curling over its clammy body, through the sweltering heat of summer, for its very skin evaporates whenever overexposed to heat. The sub-zero waterfalls roar over the rushing current that circulates through these hidden caves, providing nutrients for this alien being. Where this thing comes from is unidentifiable, but there is one detail that I know to be a fact, it tried to take me back to where it came from.
I slept soundlessly, warm in my overlapping blankets, while my mind drifted from place to place. My mind's eye exchanged thoughts into dreams effortlessly, as though they floated through my brain. Even outside of my brilliant imagination, everything was peaceful. The wind delicately glided across the sleek glass of my window, also serving as a guide of dance for the gently swaying oak tree positioned across from my sleeping room. As I dreamt silently, my mixed cream brown hair followed the curves of my face, pieces softly falling over my closed eyes. The house was empty; I was its only inhabitant, so I would have been just as vulnerable to danger as a cat surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves if it wasn't for the fact that every single object that could be secured was locked to the teeth. Having this linger in my conscious, I continued to glide deeper into my vivid thoughts soundlessly.
The velvety sheets followed the melody of my movements as my body shifted in the dim light of the stars glistening through my translucent curtains. Like a spotlight in a pitch black room, the moon suddenly cast an intense light through my eyelids, caused by the disappearance of a large, eerie cloud. This sudden shift in nature would have been accompanied by the dramatic crescendo of an orchestra in a movie, but the only thing that could be heard, was a sharp intake of air taken by myself. I sat upright in my furrowed bed, eyes wide open, and my breathing rather hard. I had been so startled by the simple shining of moonlight, but why? I pondered the thought as I gradually lowered myself back down onto the welcoming sheets. Slightly confused, I rotated onto my side, trying to get comfortable again. My intense breathing had ceased, and my eyes were no longer bulging, yet I could not help feeling distressed in my dark, still room.
Clear moonlight still pierced through my eyelids, shut. I was attempting to force myself to sleep, though I found it rather difficult. I sensed that something wasn't normal, that something was happening that I should know about. But I had a choice. I could stay up, being troubled by nothing at all, or I could fall back into my peaceful slumber. To fret over nothing would be a pretty pointless move on my part, so I came to the conclusion to relax. Breathing deeply, taking in precious air that filled my lungs, I began to drift in and out of reality.
My body knew that I was falling asleep, but my mind seemed to be hallucinating. I started to hear noises, none that were generated by the peaceful wind, or the massive flowing oak tree, but by something entirely different. Something, that was not of this earth. Though, this I did not know of, I simply believed that the sounds my ear concealed, were part of my oncoming dream, all in my head. Swirling, it sounded as though the echoing sonance was moving in a swirling motion. Almost at a high pitched ring, the volume would gradually swell, die down, and swell once more. Constantly repeating itself. Over and over. As the noise seemed to approach my bedroom, my eyebrows furrowed in frustration, and I simply wished for it to disappear. I revealed my eyes, and immediately stared hard into the center of that aging white door. I did not fear the noise, I was merely angered by it. I wanted to sleep. To snooze. Yet something else started to rise within my skull. Pain. A stinging sensation escalated to the back of my eyes, tugging at whatever connected them to my brain. A whimper slipped through my lips as both the sound and pain amplified. I was now sitting straight up in my bed, clutching my scalp with both hands, eyes shut tight. The pitch of the terror was now dropping, similar to a low groaning.
My head was pierced with the new tone, and it felt as though my eyeballs were being wrenched into my skull. My brain was being clawed out, something was ripping it apart. I could no longer stand it. This pain was repulsive. My macabre screams filled the air, while my limbs flung with great force against the mattress. The very edge of my door was now accompanied with the sonorous, still, horrific noise. Something was there, even over the unbearable pain coursing through my veins, I had a chilling sensation within me, quivering along my insides that something was on the other side of that door. As my shrieking consumed every little crevice, a fresh gust of wind flared across my body, sweeping my hair up in a massive whirlwind. The sound had ceased. I stopped my earsplitting shrieks, and the excruciating pain had finally, and suddenly, come to an end. My eyes were sealed shut, and my hands were lingering over the location of my ears, prepared to block out another bombardment of unbearable screeches.
My breathing appeared to be shallow and my mind was experiencing ever present aching. Even so, these things were not important. What stood in the doorway was. But'I was fearful that the object that was persistent in the entrance, would be of great danger to me. I would not open my eyes. I would not look at it. I would stay where I was. Stay in my own world of eerie silence, and the repetition of comforting myself, saying that everything was indeed okay. I knew, I knew I had to open them. I could not lay there, my sight forever forgotten, my mind a pointless being, each breath growing thinner than the last, my sense of emotion drained from my soul, and my skin, pale and lifeless. That only served as a state of death, and if death was something I feared, I would not lead myself to it. I permitted a small slit in my eye to expose itself, then steadily, opened up my vision.
Superior. That was my first impression. If it didn't need eyes, or even a mouth, how far behind was our survival? How vulnerable was I'? My eyes are now fully aware of it and its almighty hideousness, but my mind did not comprehend it. It did not want to see its smoky flesh, or its thin extended arms and fingers. Where its eye's should have been, were deep indents covering the eye sockets, enveloped by a dark shadow. The nose was a miniscule bump with two small openings. Flaps of skin that resembled lips were placed far from the bottom of its nose-like structure complimented by sunken cheeks. The skull was perfectly round, and there wasn't a sign of hair anywhere. It didn't seem to even have pores. This statuesque figure was probably the most beautiful and frightening thing I had ever laid eyes on. The creature's outline was so perfect, (even with the elongated appendages) yet its face'was appalling and very grim. I couldn't take my eyes off it. My expression a mixture of pure awe, and fragility.
Neither of us was moving in the slightest. I hadn't taken a breath since I had opened my eyes, and I didn't feel the need to. The moonlight glistened on my features, making every movement I made lucid. Standing in the dim light, it gave the appearance of a business man, standing absolutely straight, shoulders back, and utterly still, as though waiting for me to make the first move. The vile silence had set in, and slithered into my ears. No. I thought, Not this again, I will NOT deal with this silence. It will not win. At this moment, I decided to speak. I whispered in the weakest possible voice.
'w-who ar'?'
My air had been cut off, and pressure was mounting within my throat. Within kilo seconds, the egregious creature had lunged into the air, then rooting its feet onto the mattress, clutching my throat. It flung me back, then sent me hurling into the wall. Wall particles crumbled around me, as I gasped for air. Its grip around me tightened the more I struggled to breathe. Even though there were no eyes present within the thing, they were boring through me, looking at my soul. A vapor, icy and thick, was wrapped around my tender neck, causing it to tighten and limit my already depleted air supply. A hissing escaped from inside of it, piercing my eardrums, causing me to try and grasp more air to cry out in pain. Inches away from my face, it's 'nostrils' flared sending more of the unknown gas flowing towards me. The being effortlessly approached my wasted d'colletage until its faces' raw flesh collided with my feeble skin. Exhausted and severely shaken, I could no longer try to resist it. I embraced my fate and easily floated away, into the darkness.

The author's comments:
Before writing this piece, I wanted some kind of inspiration, something that scared myself. It dawned upon me that the window across from my bed had always made me feel rather nervous. I would get an eerie feeling that I was being watched, for I had no curtain only blinds. So, I tried to incorporate that in my piece as much as I could. Also, the movie "Signs" has always left an impact on me as far as fear. The alien being in the film contributed to the looks and aspirations of my own. This tale reflects my feelings from my own mind, which makes it very special to me; I truly hope you enjoy it.

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