Sparkles Raindrop Adventure

July 5, 2016
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Once upon a time there lived a small snowflake named Sparkle. Now Sparkle was different from all the other snowflakes, for Sparkle simply sparkled. So, Sparkle never fit in. Whenever the other snowflakes held games Sparkle was never included. So everyday, Sparkle would sit on the edge of the cloud and dream about fitting in. One stormy day when Sparkle was sitting at the edge she saw another cloud whirling about, getting larger each minute. Sparkle was so entranced by the cloud, that she didn't notice everyone else hiding within their homes. As the cloud drew closer Sparkle stared more. Then with a big woosh Sparkle was sucked into the clouds depths and everything went black. When Sparkle awoke she was surrounded by a thick layer of fog. Sparkle had no idea where she was and she wished she wasn't alone, but as she looked around she discovered that she wasn't really alone. For every direction she turned, she saw a small set of eyes staring directly at her. Then slowly, a tiny pair of eyes started coming closer, and closer, and closer and formed into a small glob.

The glob stared at Sparkle and then said to her, "You don't look like a monster come to suck our water away."

"That's because I'm not a monster," relied Sparkle. 

 As soon as sparkle spoke the gob backed away but then soon a smile formed on its face. 

"I'm Drip, a raindrop", said the glob, "what are you?"

"I'm a snowflake....and my name is Sparkle", she replied. 

After saying this all the eyes turned friendly and formed into millions of raindrops just like Drip. The circle surrounding Sparkle became friendly as the raindrops Sparkles all these questions. 

"What's it like to be a snowflake?"

"You are so pretty!" 

"Are all snowflakes this dazzling?!" 

So, Sparkle started to answer all their questions and tell them about her home. Soon, it was time for Sparkle to go home. She didn't want to, because she liked being here with Drip and all the other raindrops. She didn't want to go back to being an outsider. But, Sparkle didn't have a choice, for if she stayed she would end up melting away. So, Drip's cloud started his way back to find Sparkle's home cloud. When the cloud finally found Sparkles cloud, the happiness had turned to sadness. Slowly, Sparkle jumped off Drip's cloud and onto her own. As she turned around to wave gpodbye to Drip, she saw everyone smiling at her. 

"Dont forget Sparkle, Drip said, "you will always have a place with us in our hearts." 

With that Drip's cloud slowly drifted away leaving Sparkle alone on the edge of her cloud. Months passed and Sparkle was still treated as an outsider. She still sat out on the edge every day and every night. But not everything was exactly the same. For even though Sparkle sat on the edge alone, she was never truly alone. For every once in a while, she would look up and see Drip and all the other raindrops on their cloud, swirling around and having a good time, and if Sparkle waited long enough, she could just make out the smile on Drips face as Drip waved to Sparkle. Now, Sparkle was the happiest snowflake that had ever lived. 

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