July 5, 2016
By john_onah BRONZE, Lagos, Texas
john_onah BRONZE, Lagos, Texas
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My  name is Mary.  I am 18 years of age tall and dark skinned . I have cute dimples on my chick that made people admire me, especially boys at school. It makes them want to have me but-they can’t. that reminds me, my story is not about me but my family.my father is mr. scorpion as they call him and my mother-lets not talk about that now. I don’t want to scare you- not at the beginning. My brother is called razor. And my sister is called jez (meaning jezebel). All the names I called are not their real names but just nicks. I am a kind of person that doesn’t tolerate sentiments so I feel it is only normal to introduce them as such since the nicks befit them.
Lets start with my father, scorpion is what he is known as. He is a threat to the local police that whenever any of them sees him, they run for their dear lives. My father has been convicted thrice and taken to the grade 1 prison cell in the countries capital once but he comes back home after every arrest. It is believed that any criminal that is taken to the grade 1 cell come out dead- how my father managed to free himself remains a mystery to me. My father is a self acclaimed criminal. A girl of my age should not say such of her dad- that I know, but I was also taught in church to never to call white black and vice versa. You must be surprised I go to church not so? You just sit back and enjoy the story. My father robs banks with his boys. Talking of his boys, that brings me to my brother’s case.
Razor is what he is called. He was given that name because after every fight in the streets his opponent must sustain a very deep cut. How he does that is another mystery.  After fighting and fighting in the streets without making any head way, my brother joined my father in his armed robbery business. When any mission turns sour and they get caught buy either the police or any security body like bacasy boys( as it is always the case), my brother leads the fight team. He has never lost a fight, not any I know off.  He once went to the local police station as if to file complain only for hin to hit one of the three officers hard on the jaw that made him bleed like a spluttered animal. The other two joined the fight and , and it didn’t end well. Razor came out of the station alive but he was seriously wounded. He ensured he gave each of the police men a gift. I didn’t ask him what he meant buy ‘gift’. Of cause I knew it means a ‘deep cut’.
My sister ,jez, is a case too. One would think she is a girl and would not be rought. To say the truth,she is worse than razor. It is true razor fights but at least, he fights to eat or to deal with his enemies. But jez has no reason for her own trouble. She fights and insults anybody! Just anybody at all! Old and young, male and female. Not only does she fights, I know u must be wondering why she is nick named jezebel if she only fights. Well, like I said, I am not a diplomatic person. She is called jezebel because she really is one. My sister is an enemy to all the married women in the community. I guess you know the reason already. Well, if you are not so smart, I will tell you. She sleeps with their husbands. I really feel bad fpr her but no matter what I say, she wouldn’t listen. She calls me ‘holy mary’, all of them calls me that actually. They think I some kind of bizarre creature. I actually think same of them too.
I wander why and how i got to be in such a family. I try to pray for them each time I go to church but right now I think God is busying my calls. Maybe he is attending to other people. My mother, I almost forgot, oh no I remember I said I didn’t want to talk about that.

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