Under the Candle Light

February 12, 2009
By Gramarama94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
Gramarama94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
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1a.m in the morning and my time I am almost gone, my time is almost up. I sit alone here, looking at the bloody after math of torture and disfunction. The souls that had perished had many years before there time, but mercy had not favored them I suppose.

No one shall ever know the true events that went on in the large manor I currently reside in. no one but I will know the real reason for the deaths that took place in this house. And no living creature will have ever been able to see past the fronts that the Mistress and Master of the house put up, nor will they have seen the abuse they put their twins through.

I'm the only witness to the anger that took over master Tindale. That saw how he took the 15 year old boy by the collar hit him hard just below his rib cage then slammed him into the wall. I then heard the cackle of the wicked Mistress Tindale. I saw the teas come out of the piercing blue eyes of the female twin. How she yelled or her father to stop, then when he doesn't listen she runs forward trying to stop it herself but she doesn't get too far. The Mother yanks her back by the hair and slams her to the ground. The witch kicks and slaps the young girl and the last thing the adolescent see's is the expensive bottle of wine headed toward her.

The witch cackles again, not caring that she just took the life of her own daughter. But the brother cares, and he will not let her get away with it. Adrenaline floods through him, and he pushes his father off of him. He rises then grabs the poker for the fire place and runs towards his mother. He savagely bludgeons her head then takes the graying blonde hair and throws her to the ground. The now only child takes the she-devils life the same way she took his beloved twin sisters.

The master is in complete shock. He stands there, frozen not sure of what has just happened. The boy looks up at him, his face is covered in blood but his dark blue eyes stand out. They are filled with anger, but despair has snuck its way into them too. The father threatens death on the boy, but the last twin only laughs. He charges towards his father with the violent tool screaming. It pierces through his chest and they stay that way for a while. Father and son, Murderer and victim. The boy uses all of his strength to throw the devil with his wife. For a moment he stares and his anger filled eyes have sadness in them'But that's only for a moment, he walks out of the room and doesn't come back for a while, but when he does he holds a small silver hand gun. He stands over the bodies of his so called parents and gives them each two shots to the back of the head.
He then walks to the lifeless body of his dear sister, kneels downs next to her and pulls her close to him. He leans against the wall then he slowly puts the cold metal against his temple.
They're all gone now.

1am in the morning and my time is almost up. I am almost gone'It does not matter though. Even if I did want to, or were able to tell of the events that went on in the Tindale manor'who would listen to the candle on the fire place?
Les Fin

The author's comments:
I know that this stroy was morbid and I'm sorry. This little work of horror was written durring winter break i was at my dads house and my siter(Taylor E. author of "Camille Kenedy's High school Blues" on teenink RAW) and i were writing then she gave me the topic of writing about a candle, so i wrote one in the perspective of a candle. So she has a hand in writing this too! Thanks sis!

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