Remote Prompt

December 4, 2008
By sean sammons, Mountain Home, AR

December 2,2008 I was sitting in my grandpa's chair wishting that i could find a way to cahnge him from not bging here to accutually being here.So one day I asked my dad if, he thought I could invent something to make him be here with us today. So i went down to the local craft store and bought be some sketch paper, pencils, erasers, ruler, and a protractor. When I walked out of the store some little old lady asked me if I was getting ready to go to college. "well not exactly I'm inventing this remote to change the day that my grandpa died to accutally try to do somethhings with him." The little old land said " wow good luck kid tell me how it goes darling." I told her no problemo yo lady. So I went home and started to scetch the invention. So I drew the right thing to do the trick after it took me a million tries. So I went to my living room and grabed the remote and took it back to my desk in my room and rigged the remote up. So the next day I sat down in my grandpa's chair watching television and all of a sudden i pressed the rewind button. So my family and i were sitting there waiting to see if this invention of mine works. So a liitle while later my grandpa came walking through the front door and my family was in shocked that my inveitnion work. So then the family went out in the yard and play some games with old grandpa.

The End

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