February 26, 2009
By Twilightpeaceluver BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Twilightpeaceluver BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Catie Thomas abosouloutly detested going to the hospital she had fears of getting lost in the hospital or even getting stuck in the elevator because of a near by fire or something. Catie also hated the look of blood and people giving blood. Catie's mom had to go to the hospital to pick up her paycheck and Catie had to come.
"Catie come on now we have to go to the hospital please I want to go pick up my paycheck." said my mom
I looked away from the window and from thinking "Ok but I don't like going mom you know that."
"I know you don't but just be nice and come."
"Fine Ill comes but you owe me big time." I added dramatically "If I shall die in an elevator or faint you are responsible," My mom giggled "Ok fine ill hold myself personally responsible for any damage you may get."
We got in our Kia Sentra and drove away I had a lot on my mind I heard that this new important guy's son was going to our school and everything. I wonder if he is cute. Will he be a dork even though I'm quite invisible myself.
I felt my self getting woozy so we had to be downtown another thing I hate going downtown my stomach always does flips with me.
My mom parked in her spot at Shands & UFhospital then we walked into this big tall blue glassed building.
"Ok feel free to roam it will take me about an hour."
"But mom it only takes 5 minutes to pick up a paycheck then you sit around and talk all day so fine go have fun>"
"Thanks Caitie see you in a...few I guess." my mom said kissing my forehead
"Yep whatever" I murmured to low for anyone to hear.

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