Mary and her Troubles

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Did you ever forget something really important and ended up in a sticky situation?

It was a rainy lat night when Mary realized she had a Language Arts paper due. Mary is about thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. Marys a short brunette with electric blue eyes. Mary was a very smart girl who loved school and had many friends. (snapshot) Mary was very worried that she wouldn't get her paper written by the morning. She hopped our of bed and began to write and write. Mary had her story finished and it wasn't even morning yet. Mary leaped back into her pink flowery bed and fell asleep. Mary's alarm clock went off at 5:30am to get ready for school. It was 7:00 went Mary reached up to the bus. Mary put her backpack in her tall yellow chipped painted locker. Mary walks in to Mrs. Hanes first hour Language Arts class. Mary looks in her Language Arts binder and realized she left her paper on the kitchen counter. Mary runs up to Mrs. Hanes and informs her right away. Mrs. Hanes is a tall young women, with brown hair. Mrs. Hanes is related to the family of the Hanes T-shirt company.(snapshot)
Mrs. Hanes tells Mary

'It's a late grade and you'll have to bring it tomorrow.'

'But Mrs. Hanes I worked so hard.'

'You had all weekend to finish and make sure you had it didn't you?'

'Yes but!'

'No buts Mary now go back to your desk and finish reading like the rest of the class.'

'Okay Mrs. Hanes and ill be sure to bring my paper by tomorrow.'

'Okay Mary.'
The rest of the day flew by for Mary and before she realized it, it was time to get on the bus to go home. When it came to Mary's stop, she ran as fast as she could to place her paper in her backpack.
Mary ate dinner and went to bed. When Mary got up it was the same routine every day. When Mary reached school she ran into the class room and place it in the first hour bin. Mary thought to her self that I am so proud of my self so matter how late my paper was.(thought shot) Mrs. Hanes had the biggest smile on her face while noticing Marys beautiful smile.(thought shot)

Mary knew that her paper was late and she really didn't mind because she was as happy as she could be, and she was proud of her work.

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