Iced Hands and Hot Coffee

February 25, 2009
By Sydney Moore BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
Sydney Moore BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
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The air froze on my lips, turning them an off shade of blue that only the cold could create. A layer of ice, invisible to the eye, frosted over my lungs with every inhale I took, and slowly became a grey puff of breath as I gave it back. I could smell the upcoming snow in the air, almost as if counting down the hours until the world became white. It was like a touch from Jack Frost, and nothing but a smile could be brought to my face.

It was definitely winter. That time of the year where most people enjoy staying inside, giving into the occasions where you want to grab a blanket, cuddle up next to the fire, and drink a warm beverage. There is nothing else on your mind other than sleeping and keeping warm. Sometimes, however, there are times where the weather outside is a little bit nicer than frightful. This is when people like me spend our few hours of daylight actually taking in the season.

Winter is often complained about: the snow, cold, the slippery roads that make everyone become crazed 'road-ragers' because the speed some people choose to drive at is so inconveniently slow, and the fact everyone turns pale. Honestly though, no one needs to be that orange anyway. The only positive thing I usually hear about is the fact we soon will be getting loads of free things because the season of giving is coming around the corner once again. We all cannot wait to see what 'Santa' brought us this year.

This is when everyone's selfish characteristics come into play. People become monsters like the greedy little children who kick and scream at the toy stores. It is as if all we care about is choosing what to do to survive the freezing season, but what people do not usually realize that there are some people out there who enjoy the season. They take in every little aspect of what it truly is and benefit from it because it is indeed a winter wonderland.

Snow only comes once a year, and there is nothing more beautiful than the first winter snow fall where the flakes seem fluffier and more gorgeous than ever, where the winter lovers, like myself, wrap up in our scarves and coats and head out to experience the winter for what it really is. Usually with coffee in hand, I travel on foot to get where I need to go. Yes, the fact that I do not drive has an impact on that, but the beauty of the season really does pull me in.

The cold tends to be known for being miserable. Bodies become cold and lips turn blue, it almost seems like we are iced to the point of hyperventilation. However, the fact of the matter is that we do not see what this frozen feeling gives us the chances to do: bury our hands into the bottoms of our pockets or getting warmth from holding hands, kissing that someone who walks through the seasons with you to see each other's lips change colors from blue to a deep red, and lastly the need for comfort, to dress in the fashions of snow and experience the joys of it really does bring.

I turn the corner back to my house, and with frozen hands I take my time because I know that the cold will not get to me. Since I was a little girl I have realized that if you do not concentrate on the cold, you will stay warm. Concentrate on your own heat. The heat of your heart, and everything inside you, and slowly, starting at my feet, I begin to feel warm once again. A sensation that at times seems like too much to handle and for a moment a chill goes down my spine. Yes, it is definitely winter.

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