Superman & Batman Descriptive Paragraphs

February 25, 2009
By Matt Hall BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Matt Hall BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Clark Kent, whose alter ego is known as Superman, is a writer for the Daily Planet. His love of his life is Lois Lane, a fellow co-writer. Clark Kent changes into to Superman in a phone booth, or ally, when someone is in need. His costume consists of red, blue, and yellow. He has a red 'S' on his chest with a yellow background. Clark Kent is a down to Earth man who loves his job and girlfriend. He protects the citizens of Metropolis and the world with his life and will continue to do so.


Bruce Wayne lives in Gotham City. By day he is a wealthy business man, but by night he is the vigilante known as Batman. Bruce is a man who had to watch his parents die before him and then vowed to not allow the innocent to get hurt anymore, while under his watch. He does not get to have an ordinary social life. Usually letting the one woman that he thought could have been the love of his life go. Although it is a rough life, Bruce knows he has to do it.

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TT1427 said...
on Aug. 31 2013 at 10:56 am
no offence to the auther or anything but im a freshmen in highschool and i could write a way elabrate paragraph on the 2 of them again im not trying to be mean but comeone if u describe something u use ajectives not just regular words..... and so on and so forth


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