Super Hero Quiz

February 25, 2009
By Jacob McGill BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Jacob McGill BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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1. Who is the hero of Gotham City?

a. Superman

b. The Hulk

c. Batman

d. Spiderman

2. Who is Peter Parker's alter ego?

a. Spiderman

b. Aguaman

c. Superman

d. Captain America

3. What is Cyclopes', from X-Men, power?

a. X-Ray Vision

b. Heat Vision

c. Super Strength

d. Invisibility

4. What color was the Incredible Hulk?

a. Yellow

b. Blue

c. Pink

d. Green

5. Who was Captain America's main nemesis?

a. The Joker

b. The Green Goblin

c. The Hulk

d. Red Skull

6. What is Bruce Wayne's famous car that he uses to fight crime?

a. Ferrari

b. Batmobile

c. The Flyer

d. The Speedster

7. What is Susan Storm's, from Fantastic Four, power?

a. Invisibility

b. Water Breathing

c. Telekinesis

d. Super Strength


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