The Lost Identity

February 25, 2009
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'What happened, where am I,' wondered Mack who had been in coma for the first 18 years of his life. As he woke up in a daze he felt himself being pulled down by heavy weights with a bright light overhead. Suddenly an alarm sounded that said 'S, H, 1, AWAKE' over and over. Mack looked around franticly thinking he would see a monster running around. But as he looked around in terror he saw nothing but monitors with vital signs on them. Then he realized that those were his vital signs on the monitors. Suddenly everything went dark.

As Mack woke up, instead of being latched down to a table, he was freely able to get up and walk around. He was confined to a small square white room with a small window on one side. Suddenly he saw another person across the room. He was a tall muscular man about 18 years old, with short blond hair. Then he realized what a fool he had been when it was merely his own reflection in a mirror. He felt kind of stupid. Mack walks around the tiny room aimlessly for hours just trying to pass the time.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Mack suddenly heard a loud ding from over by the window. The window slowly became transparent. Then he saw a small old wrinkly woman with a hunched back dwarf standing next to her. Mack feels a little disturbed with both of them just starring at him. Suddenly the old lady firmly insists, 'Well aren't you going to do anything?'

'What am I supposed to do?' Mack wondered.

'Aren't you going to use the powers that have been given to you?' The old lady commands. 'By the way you can call me Ms. B.'

'What powers, and what does your name have to do with any of this? While we are on the topic of identities, what is mine? I know my name, but I don't know who I am,' Mack screamed.

'My boy, your identity is not important right now, but what you are is important,' hissed Ms. B. Then there was a long silence.

The small hunched back dwarf admitted, 'My name is Chris and I am Ms. B's assistant, I have also been taking care of you your entire life.'

'What! You mean you're the creep that has been taking care of me all my life,' said Mack. Chris gave a grunt and walked off leaving Mack and the old lady.

'I can't take it any more!' Mack threatened. With a single punch he knocked down the steal wall and was on his way out without a single scratch.

'You will never make it out in time, because the moment that busted down that wall a self destruct system was activated and you only have 60 seconds to travel up 1000 stories of stairs,' screeched Ms. B, 'That alone takes you to the ground level'

'I'll take my chances,' Mack demanded. Mack started racing up the stairs going faster and faster and he realized that he was traveling at super human speeds. Within moments he reached the top.

As Mack reached the top, he lunged to burst down the door but a laser field stopped him. He looked down and saw a keypad that spoke, 'Please Enter Password'. Mack closed his eyes tight trying to think. When he finally opened his eyes he saw strange colors. He realized that these were not just colors, but they were thermal signatures in his mind and through his fingers he began to think faster than a super computer trying every combination possible. With only 5 seconds left Mack burst through the doors and ran as fast as he could. As the base exploded he was propelled high into the air and as he landed he went unconscious.

As Mack awoke, he saw a strange fuzzy figure that became clearer. It was Ms. B. She stood there smiling. 'You didn't think that I didn't have an ace up my sleeve. Every agent has a teleporting device that automatically transports him to safety.' howled Ms. B.

'I was hoping that you would do something like that,' nagged Mack.

'What!' Ms. B retorted.

'Yea, if you did not have that ace up your sleeve then I would not have the pleasure of forcing the information out of you.'

'What information?'

'My true identity!' They stared at each other waiting for something to happen.

With the compound still burning behind them, Mack became enraged with Ms. B and started to control the flame, bend it to his will. Without knowing what shady tricks that Ms. B had up her sleeve, Mack lunged at her finding his face in the dirt. Again and again he lunged and lunged to find his face in the dirt every time. After hours of battle with Ms. B laughing she says, 'You don't get it boy. You are not an ordinary human. You are the first of several super humans genetically created to help me take over the world.'

As Ms. B approached she delivered the final strike leaving Mack's lifeless body lying on the ground. However, unknown to her, he was not dead but in a deep trance. In the trance Mack saw nothing but a dark void. Suddenly, a voice said, 'Do you wish to know who you are?'

'Yes, please, tell me!'

'Then I will tell you. You were created different from the others. Not to help Ms. B take over the world but to be a guardian and to watch over this planet.'

'Like the protector.'

'Correct you are the protector as you said, your duty is to protect this planet from evil tyrants like Ms. B. Now go and fulfill your duties as guardian'

With Ms. B still laughing, Mack bolts up with Ms. B starring in shock. 'I now know my true reason of being, I'm to protect this planet from evil tyrants like you, so give up now because your demise is inevitable!' threatened Mack. Now glowing in midair, hovering with a series of punches, he sent Ms. B flying into the vacuum of space.

Mack continued to foil alien invasions and insect uprisings. Nobody really knows what happened to Chris. Be warned, any evil scum that tries to take over earth, they will have to go through the planet's new guardian, Mack.

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