The RUnescape Story

February 25, 2009
By Mike Middleton BRONZE, Everett, Washington
Mike Middleton BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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The Runescape story, Chapter 1 The Falador Massacre 2:
So this 126 dude logged onto Runescape onto a Player vs. Player
world and then decided to kill every one in Falador. So he did
ang got 5 million coins (gold pieces, gp), A full set of Runite
(rune, r) armour and full dragon (d). He also got every colored
Party Hat (P hat) and a ton of runes(magic stones). He also got
all 3 god swords Saradomin(the god of good), Guthix
(the god of balance) and Zamorak(the god of evil). He decided
to go to Varrock(varry). BUt south of some mountains he got
jumped. Since he had 99 magic he teleported(tellied) all of them
back to Falador and teleported himself to Camelot(Cammy). Zezima
(A runescape idol whos levels are all maxed out, an epic failure)
was groing herbs and fruits and vegetals in Catherby(Cath, Cathy),
a major fishing lumberjacking and farming city, the agricultural
center of Runescape(rs). He also bought some lobsters
(lobbies, lobs) from me(1SG Top). So, he ate the fish and veggies
and fruit from Zezima and ate. Then he said "Z3z1m4 1 m4ss4cr3d
f477y 4nd g0t jvmp3ed 0n my w4y 2 v4rry 4nd v n33d 2 h37p m3h"
Said our guy (T3hpl4y3h99). They 2 (Zezima and T3hpl4y3h99)
went to Zezima's Player owned House (home, house, PoH).
They talked over tea. "S0 1 t37713d 2 f477y 4nd k1773d 3v3ry1"
T3hpl4y3h99 said. "Why?" Zezima asked. "B3c4vs3 1 c4n" said
T3hpl4y3h99. "S0 1 m4d3 5M 4nd fv77 d 4nd fv77 r 4nd 70ts of rvn3s
4nd 3v3ry c070r3d P h4t" Said T3hpl4y3h99 "S0 1 w3nt 2 v4rry bvt
0n my w4y t3hr g0t jvmp3d" He said "1 t37713d th3m t0 f477y 4nd
th3n w3nt 2 c4mmy" He concluded. "Let's make a clan, and go to
Clan Wars." Said Zezima. "Let's get Skychi, Thersgod and
Novally4life."(all Runescape idols) Zezima said
"3p1c b4tt73!!!!!11!!!1!" said T3hpl4y3h99. Tthey both took off.
Chapter 2: The Great Quest: So the 2 players
found Skychi in Canifis(canny). "Hey, Skychi, we need your help."
Zezima announced. "We are making a clan." "4 4n 3p1c b4tt73!!1!1"
Said T3hpl4y3h99. "we need to find Thersgod." Zezima said.
"Check Classic." Skychi responded "He usually hang out aroung the
Lumbridge Sheep farm." Lumbridge is also Lum or Lummy.
"Ty." said Zezima. "Np." said Skychi.
So they found Thersgod killing and shearing sheep.
"Thersgod we 3 need your help." Said Zezima. "Yes?" Thersgod said.
"We need you to join our clan." Zezima informed.
"T3hrs g0nn4 b 4 hvg3 3p1c b4tt73!!!!!1!!1!!!1" T3hpl4y3h99 said.
"Ok, I guess I will join." Thersgod said "I love Epic Battles."
"Let's go find Novally4life!" Said Zezima.
They finally found him in Tavelry(tav, tave, tavey), the same
place that I met him woodcutting(wcing, wc). Then using the same
recruiting speech they recruited him and I walked by with my
Dragon Dagger Super Poisened(dds, ddp++) and nice armour
"Hey 1sg, do you wabt to join our clan?" Zezima asked me.
"3p1c B4tt73!!!!11!!!!!1!1!!!111" Said T3hpl4y3h99
"Sure" I said. I got alot of cooked sharks and Attack(attk att)
, Strenght(str), Defence(def) and Anti-Poisen Potions(pot, pots).
I also got a Dragon longsword(D long, D longsword, Dragon long)
But all for a 1 million gp(1m, 1Mgp). And then Full Rune and
Saradomin(sara) for 5M. I bought all with my own money.
Chapter 3 Getting Ready: We determined who did what:
Melee3:1SG Top(me), also Poisen Guy
Magic :T3hpl4y3h99
Melees 2 and 3 could do any combat skill they wanted.
We wandered around RS for a while and finally, after talking to
many players found out he was mining in the Dwarven capitol city
of Keldagrim. He was mining and selling ores. "H3y!!!111!" Called
out T3hpl4y3h99 to him. "Wvt c4nt v n00bs s33 1m m1n1ng!1!" Said
Th3S4r4S0v7, the clan leader of Th3S0v7P4tr07. "V tr13d 2 pk m3h
v n00b!!!!!11!!!11!!!" said T3hpl4y3h99 "W377 v k1773d my wh073
cl4n 1st v n00b." Replied the clan leader.
"Get your clan over here!" Zezima said "0k n00b" Said
The clan leader. In a few short moments the whole 15-man clan had
our clan "Epic" surrounded. "Let's go to Clan Wars." Skychi said.
Chapter 4 The Epic Battle: We all tellied to lummy and started
North, towards varry. We where in a formation marching at a
route-step (silent w/ no set step). At that place south of varry
I felt like running away from it. Every one else felt the same.
Zezima who was our commander stopped us at a bank.He said to get
our stuff. We did and marched to the Varrock Palace. Zezima halted
us and told us to take a 5 minute break to buy anything we needed.
I just stood there, scared, wanting to desert every one but,
I refrained myself and stood there. 5 minutes later we where
marching again. "Jump the ditch!" Zezima said. So, we did and in
less than 1 minutes we where formed up in 2 single-file comumns.
I, all-of-a-sudden started running toward Clan-Wars. Zezima soon
caught up, then Skychi and Thersgod and everyone else. I felt proud
, proud to part of this. We entered the Clan Wars Portal and
waited. I knew I was to die but I did it any-ways.
Now we were starting the Epic Battle of Epic vs. Th3S0v7P4tr07.
We charged the enemy leader and killed him in 30 secs and it cost us no lives.
Then, we went for their XO (Executive Officer), a General, and kill him in 15 secs
,costing us no one. Then it was just a huge fighting frenzy.
"Bye, guys." Zezima as he died. "Noooooooooooooo" I said as I went for the guy who killed
him. I took his life. Then Skychi and Thersgod died. Me and Novally4life killed him.
It was now 3 vs. 3 and Novally4life and T3pl4y3h99 killed 2 of thiers but they both died
at the same time. It was me against a Level 39 noob With full Adamant(addy) and an addy
shield Hereldic design 3(H3) and a Rune Scimmy. I had 5 health points(hp left) I had been
poisened and none had toched him. I took my DDS out and then
Spiecal Attacked(specialed) him and same with my d long and d scim. He died. 1 HP left.
I did it, I won it for us. I just stood there Humbly, Proudly and sadly as I remembered
the killed and, died.

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