gears of war

February 24, 2009
By Anonymous

The War Against The Locust

It was like the day after the end of the world as explosions went off Markus sat in his cell and just listened (snapshot) and (full circle ending)
Markus had just busted out of prison with his friend Dominic Santiago to join the COG to join the fight against the locust. Who has taken out almost all of humanity except for the Stranded and the C.O.G (aka the Gears). As Markus stepped out of the cell and looked at the windows that were tinted by 15 years of dust and black mold he slowly stepped out of the cell and looked straight up at the sun and got blinded momentarily and then heard Dom yell 'noo get the heck away from me' then Markus looked back up and saw a gun pointed at his head it was silver with a chainsaw on the end of it and it was being held by a 8 foot tall ugly Grey drone locust with orange goggles on his head so he ducked and rolled and on the way he elbowed the locust in the gut and was already diving forward to get something anything(magic three) as the locust went to try to chop him up like yesterdays diced rice with the chainsaw that seemed to be whispering gggivvvvee uppppppp! (figurative language)You will die any ways then Markus picked up a yellow chainsaw and yelled BRING IT as he engaged in the fight of his life as sparks flew and Markus kicked the locust in the gut so the locust due to being clumsy fell to the ground and Markus stood above him and took his boot and heel downed the locust on the face and yelled ewww I think I got some in my eye so Markus dropped the chainsaw and walked out of the room and Markus yelled stop Dom don't move look at the doorway now when I say Dom you run back here okay so Markus picked up a rock and carefully aimed and yelled now so Dom backed up and Markus threw the oddly shaped rock then Dom says 'Markus thats not a rock that is a grenade' It was too late the grenade had left his hands and as the 2 grenades met the doorway went into a fire y explosion and as Dom was getting up he hears clink beep beeeeep,and Dom thought thats not a good noise and Markus dove and saved Dom from being killed and Dom gives Markus that;thanks a lot dude look (hyphenated modifier)and Markus just turns and picks the ink grenade up and tags a incoming wretch (little dog/Monkey locust ) and dives to the side. Then picks up a wrench and sneaks up behind a boomer (enormous Gorilla locust) and the wrench breaks in half from the in pact. Markus dives back and grabs a Boltok pistol (45 mm) and shoots the boomer in the back of the head 3 times and Markus tries to reload but then looks up and sees a grenade launcher pointed at his head, then the boomer says boo.... then is cut off by Markus's bullet. Markus yells this is my house . Markus says come in control this is delta... we have cleared the evacuate zone then over head they hear whoosh, whoosh, whoosh and sees a king raven gun ship land Markus says this is going to be fun. Then Markus hops on to the gunship and says ' I need a gun now' and so the pilot turns around and says right there in the back so Markus walks back he notices a movement so Markus crouches down and backs up and then hears die and as he was turning around he heard whoosh as the bullet from a 50. caliber sniper flies past his face and puts a bullet in the gunship so Markus takes his hunting knife out and slices once and hears the sickening sound of the backbone snapping in half at the force of the knife. (expanded moment)So then Markus stands up and hears them land and then the pilot says okay rides over so Markus just grabs all of the guns and ammo then puts a golden bullet in his sniper that reads die or else it will be painful .Markus hears Dom yell 'help me Markus' Just as Markus turns he sees a locust coming toward him the Markus yells batter up and swings the sniper and launches the locust's head 50 feet and yells 'I'm coming' Markus picks up a mini gun and starts firing it .He starts turning the crank for the bullets to start fling and the bullets flew he hit one locust and saw his heart, brain, small and large intestine come sprawling out of the locust it sounded like someone had stepped on a ball and stepped off it looked like a Octopus coming out of his stomach Markus could taste the blood dripping in his mouth as he gripped his cold steel mini gun and it reeked like rotten meat (Specific Details for effect). Dom was chainsawing every locust he saw Markus was shooting then hears Dom yell 'help' so Markus turned around and heard a locust say grind but under all the noise it sounded like wrap and Markus thinks fooood and yells yes I want a wrap but im fighting you. so DIE so Markus started firing his mini gun and saw something he wished he didn't as the locust was being shot he puked and his guts came out his mouth and Markus thought suddenly I don 't want any food then colonel Hoffman of the gears yells 'come in here' so Markus starts backing up and steps inside and the colonel says 'what is that your jack in the box of death ?' then Markus says 'ya totally dude I got it for Christmas ya like?'

This is only the beginning of the day after the death of the world,but this time he's got a gun and running with it!

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