Winter Wonderland

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

It's that time of the year when the trees are bare and everything seems so fair. The wind is now a piercing feeling instead of a relief from the heat. Beautiful from a far, but painful when it's around you. The sun is barely out and the sky soon becomes a light grey. But when the soft snow begins to fall it lays a baby's blanket across the land. It covers everything, making everything so bright and alive. Winter may have its downs about it but it does bring its ups about it too.

When I go outside I can feel the snow crackle below my feet leaving my personal imprint on the world. The snow begins to swirl around me as if I were dancing along with it. Even when the snow falls against your rosy cheeks it warms up instantly and almost becomes like a tear. Being outside in the snow is like stepping into a whole new world. Everyone is bundled up from head to toe, wrapped in scarves and coats, hands with mittens and toes with boots. The children are playing everywhere; building snowmen, fighting with snowballs, and making snow angels across the new land. The sound of laughter, screams, and cheers fill the air with a pleasant mixture.
It's that time of year that brings out the happiness people long for, because everyone knows what winter brings along with its snowy drift; Christmas. Christmas is the time when the shopping malls are full with anxious children and determined mothers. It's that special time when families come together and love is formed. Christmas brings out the good in people because it's about giving to others. It's when the community comes together and gives to the unfortunate and brings happiness to all.
When the light leaves the world and its time for the festivities to start. All cozy and warm inside their homes the families come together and celebrate. The children are making sugar cookies dazzling them in sprinkles and frostings of all colors. The smell of brown sugar on the ham, the cookies and the cinnamon fill the air. The laughs begin to come from all around when the parents are talking about the past and all the children trying to guess what they are getting on Christmas morning. The fireplace crackles bringing a swarm of warmth around the room, leaving a definite comfort to everyone.
However, the best night of winter is Christmas Eve. Children all around are setting out cookies for Santa and leaving carrots for his reindeer. Families come together nestled by the fire while mommy or daddy read them 'The Night Before Christmas'. After everything is prepared for Santa's arrival the children are all tucked away in their beds and sugarplums and candy canes dance in their heads. When the light peeks through the curtains all you can hear are the children screaming and running towards the lighted tree that guards all the presents waiting to be tore open. Christmas is the day where wishes are granted and sometimes dreams do come true on Christmas day.
After Christmas, winter doesn't leave right away; we are then left with the slushy snow and the cold. Children wait for it to snow heavy again hoping to get a day off school and play again. People then start wishing for the sun and the warmth to come back. After a few months winter is over and spring is here.
Winter is the time of year that brings laughs, cheers, tears, screams and thrills. It's always remembered never forgotten. Everyone has their own perception of wintertime, but this is how I see it every year.

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