USA soccer

February 23, 2009
By , mattawan, MI
When I was a little kid all I wanted to do was play for the USA soccer team, but I knew if I wanted to reach that goal I was going to practice and practice until I was good enough. For the team, but as I was growing up and playing and making teams was getting harder. I was kind of getting angry about it so angry I could kick something!(Figurativelan), after that I figured out that if I wanted to be good enough I needed to get on the best soccer team in West Michigan so I set my goal to do just that.

As I was getting better and better I figured that playing in weather will be an effect to I love playing in the rain to so that was one of my goals too(Specdetails) anyways as I kept watching the really good TKO Premier team, I realized that it wasn't about how you kick or how you think, it's about your how fast you run and your ball control. So for the next year that all I practiced was speed and ball control in the next next month were tryouts I decided I was ready to tryout, so on a Saturday morning I got to the tryouts so as the tryouts began.

I started to question my speed and ball skill, but as it was almost ended we played a game I did okay but I thought I might have a chance to make the team. I was asking myself if I could make the team or if I was gonna miss the chance to make the best team in West Michigan, on my way home I kept on asking I just couldn't help thinking of the chance I had as I kept looking back at it but I knew it was go how it will we'll just have to see.(ex) Few days later Mike Garret called and said that I made I made(

Repeff it I really made the team, I was so excited I could barely hold it in few years later I found myself in the Olympics for USA going to play my first USA soccer game ever I was so excited!! as the game went on I was doing okay other than when my teammate fell on his face(Humor) but they were getting mad because I wasn't passing soon enough, so as it went I started to do what they said and pass and pass until finally I saw the net and passed it off and I missed the goal. They were so mad at me I tried to act like I was innocent but I knew I messed up the next time I was so mad at myself to cause I knew I should of shot but I didn't.

As the game went I got mad as it got closer to the game being over, as I was thinking back to how I got here I was excited about playing and had that spark to my play again. I got the ball about half field and I knew that this was the time I was not gonna be stopped from scoring this time(HyphenMod), so ya as I went down the line I saw the defenders coming faster and faster to me and then I faked the pass and crossed it they passed it right back to me. As I was about to shoot I thought to how this has all gone and planned out to be pretty dang awesome as I shot the ball it bended to the right the goalie dove to it but couldn't reach it and at that point I knew I am successful. I also knew that when I play I'll always play with my heart and nothing else and that is how it should be(magic3). I was so proud about myself for what I did I just couldn't not help It I just was so proud of myself and what I accomplished(full circle ending)

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