February 22, 2009
Shaking with anticipation, Sally gripped onto the radio with all her might. This was finally the day where John Smith was releasing his thirty-third movie. She cranked up the volume, and started listening intently reports about the film. Before long, a light tap on her shoulder brought her out of her daze.

'Ma'am, we have to deliver this baby now!' Sally sighed. Thinking that she should get this over with before resuming to more important matters, she cued the doctors to continue on.

Days passed by, as Sally enjoyed her maternal leave following the latest gossip behind John Smith. Thrilled by all the free time in the world, she wondered to herself why she did not bear a child earlier in her life. She searched eagerly on stores, looking for the latest merchandise relating to John Smith and his clothing line. All her friends ridiculed her for purchasing men's clothing, but Sally just shrugged it off. They are all just jealous, she thought to herself. Once she finished surfing the net for news, she turned off the computer, and walked over to the baby carriage. Inside laid wee little John, hands fiddling around in the air grasping at nothing, and a huge smile planted right across his face. Sally picked up John and started rocking him, happy that she was allowed to name him. Her husband may never understand, but it was important to her that their son would be named after such an important figure in her life.
After staring off ahead into the distance outsider her windows, with her child sound asleep in her arms, she began assessing her life. Was she completely satisfied with what she has now? Is this really the best environment for her child? Is there something better out there awaiting her? Was she happy just being Mrs. Frederick? If John Smith were to come into the room right now, would he like what he sees? To these questions, she was not sure at all. Maybe, Sally thought, she should just stick with what she has now - or should she?
Hours of contemplation took place before she realized that she should strive for the betterment of her life. John Smith would agree with that; he even said so in his autobiography. In a Eureka moment, she came to the conclusion that she was not content being Mrs. Frederick. Things had to be different. She left the apartment, bringing her son with her. Deciding to tell her husband about it later, she launched off onto a quest to redecorate her life.
Moments passed before Sally decided on contacting her husband on the news of her endeavors. She pulled him out of work, insisting that this matter could not wait. Confused, her husband follows her outside, right near the park across from his workplace. They both sat themselves on the nearest bench. Sally took a deep breath and began talking.
'Look, Allan....'
'It's actually Alfre'.'
'Don't interrupt me when I'm speaking,' she said. 'I have something important to say.' Taking another deep breath, she continued on.
'I've found someone else.' Alfred stood there, speechless. He did not know exactly how to respond to news of this magnitude. Sally's eyes started reddening, as she tried desperately to maintain her composure.

'It's not something I'm proud of.' She bit her lips. 'I wish I could say it's because I don't love you anymore, but that's not it.' Sobbing visibly now, she started shaking uncontrollably. Stunned, Alfred stood there.

'I can't believe this is happening,' Alfred said, saying all that he could muster.

'Me neither,' she responded. 'I think'it's best if we both move on with our lives.'

'How could you do this to me?' Angered, Sally stood up, walked in front of him and struck her hand across her face.

'Can't you see that I'm doing this for our child'FOR OUR CHILD ALFRED.' After calming down, Sally returned back to her seat.

'If I stay with you, then our son will be doomed'to be Mr. John Frederick forever. But the man that I found'his name's Frederick Smith!' Silence filled the air, as Alfred stared at her, wondering if the woman he married was quite possibly insane.

'Don't you get it? If I marry him, then li'l John will finally become John Smith!' Jaws wide open, Alfred wondered if this was all just a cruel joke.

'What kind of name is John Frederick? With a name like John Smith, his life could become so much better. I know you provide our family with food, shelter, and all the necessities, but'it just isn't enough. I need to look out for our son.' She paused for a few minutes, allowing for all of this to sink in.
'I'm deeply sorry, but these things just happen.' And with that, Sally, along with her son, walked off into the distance, saddened by the events that had just transpired.

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