February 22, 2009
By Jenna Turow BRONZE, Sea Cliff, New York
Jenna Turow BRONZE, Sea Cliff, New York
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(A monologue for a teen girl-- senior in high school)

Wahoo! I got out of sixth period early! My only free time today! Finally I get a little while to relax. But where should I go to chill? This is quite a dilemma ' there are so many choices! Hmm, well I could go to the cafeteria. That sounds good ' I could get a nice hot chocolate and a pumpkin muffin and just space out. Yay, I'll go there. I can't wait!


Wait, weight! Oh no, if I eat the muffin and hot chocolate I'll gain so much weight! I can't go there. Where else can I go? I could get my nails done at the nail salon across the street. That'd be fun! I could get a really funky color and come back and show all my friends! I just have to make sure I have enough money.


Money! Oh no! My mom will kill me if she sees I spent all my lunch money on a manicure! Oh well, there goes that idea. Let's see. Oh! I could sit out on the front steps. It's a nice day outside and there would be a cool breeze. That sounds great. I'll go sit in the sun.


Sun? Oh no! I could get a terrible sunburn! Then I'd have to cover my face all day! That can't happen! I should go somewhere else. How about the gym? That would be pleasant. I could sit in the bleachers and watch everyone play sports. I heard the ninth graders are playing soccer today. I'd get a kick out of that.


Kick! Oh no! I could get kicked in the head with the ball! Nope ' not going there. How about the student lounge? Yeah ' that's where I'm going. It's perfect! That's a place where I can't get fat, spend all my lunch money, or get kicked in the head. I'll have a great time!


TIME?! Oh no. My free time is over! I have to go to class now! I'm such an idiot!


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