It Ends With a Sigh

February 22, 2009
By David Li BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
David Li BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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Joe Smith was an average 34-year-old man. Every morning, Joe would get up around 6:05 and rush through his morning routine of dressing, washing, eating and running out the door. Once he was out the door, the race continued. He drove to the ferry, hoping to catch it on time. Everyday he would get to work and punch in his punch card ' barely on time. Joe worked for Gen Co. ' a big heartless accounting firm. Joe would always arrive at his cubicle and collapse in his chair. On his desk would be a pile of paperwork, just sitting there ' waiting. After Joe made a small dent on his pile of work, using his crappy computer that hardly turned on, it would be Joe's favorite part of the day ' lunch. Lunch was the only time Joe had where he could just relax and get away from all the chaos. But, 45 minutes later, Joe had to get back to work.

Several hours of arduous paperwork later, it was finally 10:00 ' quitting time. Joe would get his punch card punched and would head home. Upon his arrival at home, Joe would eat a late night T.V. dinner, shower, and collapse, face-first, on his bed. Joe lay there for a bit and pondered. Then with a sigh he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

* * *

A few years later, new computers were invented that did most of the paper work for Joe. He didn't lose his job though, because Gen Co. still needed people to operate the machines. Soon after that technology was out, someone invented a machine that got you ready in the morning. The new invention would wake, dress, feed, and send you right out the door ' in record time. These new inventions gave Joe a much easier time at work and at home. With these new inventions, Joe was much livelier and had a lot more time for things other than work and sleep. In fact, Joe even picked up a hobby.

After a long day at work, Joe got home, was fed, washed and tucked into bed by his newest investment ' a machine that would prepare you for bed. As he lay there, he thought for a bit. Then he smiled, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

* * *

A few years have passed since the first few time-saving machines, and since then, there have been many new time-saving inventions.

The clock hit 6:00 and Joe was up dressed on his way to work, his car was programmed to get there on time. Before he even knew it, Joe was in front of his workplace, spick and span, and dressed for success. He reached in his pocket for his time card and was about to get it punched, but it was already done. He walked through the doors and was at his cubicle. The company had that feature installed a year ago. Before he had a chance to sit down or even see his pile of work, it was already done. So it was off to lunch, Joe was thinking about what to eat when food was put in front of him. He was about to take a bite, but the machines had already done so for him ' he got that feature added in a month ago. Before he could even chew the food, it had been grinded up and swallowed by the nano-machines in his saliva ' that feature was added in just a little while ago. Before Joe's stomach could digest the food, it was already digested by the nano-machines in his stomach. Before his system could even dispose of the waste, machines embedded in his pants had already disposed of it.

After work, Joe was checked out of work, washed, fed, and tucked into bed before he could even reach for his punch card. He lay there, pondering. He closed his eyes and sighed.

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