the little girl in the black dress

November 5, 2008
I had just moved to an old house in a little town called Suvill; when I heard a knock at the door. I went down and answered the door to my surprise there was a little girl in a black dress.
'Hi my name is Jane, you must be the new neighbor, I live next door.' She said.
'Hi my name is rose I just moved from Sanvila, which is a really big place in New York.' I said.
'Yes well I am sure it's a nice place but Suvill is nothing like where you used too live.'
'What do you mean' I asked.
'Well for one thing this town is hunted.'
'What' I stuttered.
'Well I am not really sure what happened, but from what I know there was a little girl named sandy. Who used to live in this house and one day went out to the backyard and into the bushes and never came back. Her parents called the cops but her body was never found. So her parents decided to move because they kept thinking they saw her around outside in the yard. Anyways they sold the house to an old couple who would always tell me that someone kept going in their backyard. So I went to stakeout in their yard one night and that's when I saw it... ' was a little girl as white as wax wearing a black dress'.she started calling my name and at first I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. I went near the bushes to see if it was really her but when I got there, there was no one there.'

'How do you know it was sandy' I asked in astonishment.
'Well you see, the day she disappeared she was wearing a black dress and I saw her with that exact dress that night' explained Jane.
'Well it was nice meeting you and everything but I really should go and unpack my things now' I said hastily
'It was nice meeting you too maybe we could get together next week at my house on Sunday' asked Jane.
'Sure' I replied hesitantly not really wanting to.
'Ok see you than, bye.' said Jane.
It was Tuesday night and I had still not finished unpacking my things when I heard a loud crash outside my house. I ran to the window to see what had happened. It was a black SUV that had crashed into a silver Toyota and was now starting to catch on fire. I stood there for few seconds in shock than ran outside with my cell phone and called 911; I went to see if the person in the black SUV was ok. As I looked through the window of the black SUV I couldn't believe my eyes, it can't be I gasped, but it was, it was a bloody unconscious Jane. The next thing I knew two police officers approached me asking what I had seen as I stood there trembling from shock. The doors of the ambulance shut close and the ambulance took off with Jane inside. As I turned around to go home the Flashes of red lights were still gleaming from my widows and loud wailing noises were still echoing in my street. Suddenly I thought I heard someone calling my name. As I turned back around I saw the impossible before my eyes, I saw Jane. I shrieked and fled to my house. That was when it hit me that this town must really be hunted. The next day I was reading the newspaper when an article about the occurrences of the day before caught my eyes. I started reading the paper praying for good news about Jane. That news never came. Instead the paper said 'to all who knew Jane buydin we are sorry to inform you that she passed away 2 hour after arriving at the hospital.' I reread the article thinking I was going mad. She couldn't have died. I saw her right after the accident I thought. Shock and confusion took over mind.

It was Thursday and I was helping my mother plant a various of red and pink flowers in the yard. I was finishing up in the garden when I heard a small voice call my name. I looked around and saw a little girl in a black dress and realized it was sandy. I started walking towards her and she slowly started disappearing into the green bushes. As I went to the bushes but there was nothing there. I thought I was seeing things by the time it came to Saturday. On Saturday I was walking home, when I thought I saw Jane going into her house waving at me from across the street. I was starting to freak out, thinking this was a practical joke, a prank but it wasn't I knew what I had seen and no one would ever believe me. It was Sunday and there was a knock at the door. To my disbelief it was Jane! I screamed in horror as she jumped in fright.
'Why are you screaming? I thought you were going to come to my house today.' Said Jane confused.
'What!? , I thought you d di died'.it was in the newspaper it said you died and I saw you in the car crash gushing in blood unconscious as the paramedics put you on the stretcher into the ambulance.' I replied trembling in fright.
'Didn't you read the correction in the newspaper on Wednesday?' Replied Jane.
'No' I stuttered.
'Oh! That's why you kept avoiding me this week when I called you name and waved to you.' replied Jane understandingly.
'What do mean?' I asked confused.
'Well you see the newspaper made a misprint but changed it the next day. They wrote Jane instead of my twin sister June who died right after the car crash in the hospital.'
'What?! That was your twin sister I saw?' I asked thinking I had heard wrong.
'Yes that was my sister June, it was a shame you didn't have a chance to meet her.' Said June with a sad expression as tears filled her eyes. I could tell she was thinking about June but I knew I would never know what she really felt inside because I didn't have any younger siblings.
'So you mean you've been alive this whole week?' I asked still in shock.
'Yes' said Jane.
'So I haven't gone crazy seeing dead people this week!' I said with a sigh of relief.
'What do you mean by people? Who else have you seen?' Asked Jane in interest.
'Well I was in my backyard I thought I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw sandy, but I guess it was probably you trying to scare me' I said.
'What! You saw sandy but but that's impossible I was just joking when I said I saw her' Said
Jane gasping with look of horror in her eyes as the color of her skin turned pale white.
'But than if it wasn't you than who was it?' I asked trembling as I felt my face get cold as ice.
'I don't know, but how did she know your name?' Jane asked frightened.
'I don't know, but I think you were right about this town it really is hunted'
'Do you think there are more people than sandy who are hunting this town?' asked Jane
'I'm not sure but if there is I hope I never see them' I said as I started to regret having moved to this town.
'Do you want to come in?' I asked.
'Sure, thanks' said Jane.
We went into the living room and looked at my photo albums for a few hours when we heard a noise from upstairs. I asked Jane to come with me and we went upstairs to see what the noise was. When we got there we saw a note laying on the top step with a broken picture frame. I picked up the picture frame and looked closely at the picture. I gasped in terror it was a picture of sandy. I showed it to Jane as she turned blue she showed me the note. I started to read the note out loud.
'dear rose and Jane, I am sorry to have scared you but I wanted to let you know that I have been hunting this place for years looking for my parents and I'm not the only one I have seen June and she has trying to get a message to Jane but I can not tell you what it is .only June can send you her message so don't get scared if you do see her Jane. -sandy'
I turned and looked at Jane and saw the same expression of myself on her face a gasp of horror and confusion. We stood there for what seemed like hours thinking of sandy and concluded that our town was really hunted. We never found out why sandy came or how she knew rose's name.
We kept the note and Jane told me she would let me know if she ever saw her sister or sandy.

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