November 2, 2008
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'There is hope for any man who can look in a mirror and laugh at what he sees.'-Anonymous

But what are you laughing at?

Are you laughing at the surface? The first things you see when you gaze at yourself in the mirror? The freckles that mark your cheek bones or the dirt that still sits under your nails from gardening?

Could you though be laughing at something no one else sees?

Are you laughing at the way you try to keep the love you have for others inside with your smile? Maybe you're laughing at the joy that gleams in your eye when ever you see the one you love.

Who's to say you're laughing, what if you're crying?

When you see the tears that had dried to your face from the night before, your not laughing are you. Maybe you laugh at the scar imprinted on your arm from when the neighbor's dog bit you.

I don't see you laughing any more.

Are you pondering my words now? Do you now see what I am talking about? You brush your hand over your mouth, and trace your lips with your finger. You're not smiling either.

What hope is there when you dissect yourself from the inside out and laugh at what you find?

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