October 30, 2008

The Earth that we all know so well has broken off its atmosphere to create another planet, a mutant world of Earth. The planet has a population of people. No animals or plants though, Strad are the only living things on Stradafis.
There is no need for food either, but food does exist there because they do like to eat for the pleasure every once in a while. This new place has become known as Stradafis. Stradafis is like the sun of our earth; but creatures are able to live on it. Even though the surface is ten thousand billion degrees Celsius, it doesn't bother the people's senseless feet. The people of Stradafis are called Strad people. The Strad look like humans on earth. They have faces, walk on two feet, and speak a language. Physical traits are identical to those on our two worlds. The only difference is their senses. Human beings possess the typical five traits: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Strad people possess these same five senses, as well as three more. These extra abilities include: Communication Transportation, which enables them to send a hologram of themselves whenever necessary, and speak to a different person in another location. This sense takes the most energy, and the most skill to be able to do. Once a Strad person reaches the age of about eighteen, they are able to Communicate for as long as they want. Mapping Technology allows them to make an immediate, three-dimensional photo of Earth (its creator) and see all that happens there. They can zero in on specific locations on Earth as well.
The final sense, Name Recognition, is where they all know each other's names. Without ever meeting the person before, they already understand his or her background and characteristics. So as this is a very small planet they live on, there are very few people, so everyone knows everyone.

This world is a place of peace, because the Earth no longer exists. You see... Earth is what tore them apart. Earth hated Stradafis, and all they wanted was to be rid of it.
Samuel Jacobs. A person of Strad. He is also known as Sam. Sam, who was thirteen years old at the time, is a weird kind of guy. He is always coming up with weird explanations for situations. Like the time when the SWS (Stradafis Water Supply) wasn't working, and somehow Sam came up with the idea that a Mucha (some random monster that he made up) came and stole all the water and put it in a big hole, like a lake, for the monster to live in. After time, it turned out there was a pair of jeans stuck in the water pipe, blocking the flowing water. Sam still doesn't believe them'
But now Samuel Jacobs is considered a hero in their little community. He saved Stradafis from complete destruction, and made their world full of peace.
About five years ago, Sam was out playing in the sand box. He was Mapping, because he always found Earth so interesting. He sprints into his house, yelling at his mom,
'You have to see this!'
His mom comes out to see what the commotion is, though not at all interested because this happens just about every day. What Sam found was a red line finding its way toward Stradafis. He claimed this was radar, or a laser of some sort, and that he thought someone on Earth had detected the existence of Stradafis. Of course his mom didn't believe his stories, thinking it's probably just a star explosion, or even leftover from a rocket launch, and went back inside. Sam continued to study his little discovery, since he always finishes what he begins. Day after day he looked at the radar, watching it get closer and closer'

Back on earth, lived Joe Phillips. Joe was a very dedicated scientist, and he never left his lab. One reason was because he loved to discover new things, and the other was he had no life. No wife, no kids, and no life besides his sciences. His only friends were the other scientists that didn't have lives either: Bill, Tom, Larry, and Mike.
Recently, Joe had been trying to get pictures of the surface of Venus. But some object had been getting in the way. He knew it wasn't the moon, because the moon was on the other side of the planet at the time. He had been trying to figure out what that new discovery was for a month and a half. Joe sent out a detector to show the basic characteristics of the item. He found out that it was indeed a planet. Joe was so excited, but he decided not to tell anyone, just to be sure he was right.
A while after this sighting, he got pictures back of the planet. It looked exactly as earth did, almost like a California type city.

On Stradafis, Sam was still on his investigation. Since Sam was not fully-grown, he didn't have as much energy for Communication Transportation. That meant that he could only talk for a certain amount of time. On his Mapping experiment he had been trying to locate the position where his 'laser' was coming from. Once that would be solved, he would be able to Transport himself to talk to whomever, or whatever, was tracking their planet.
From his calculations, the 'laser' was coming from Seattle, Washington in the United States. Once he zoomed in, he could navigate one huge building, the SIS: Seattle's Institute of Science.
Sam began to wonder what would happen if Earth found Stradafis. Whether or not that would be a good thing, because humans had never heard of them, they were clueless to their existence. Sam finally found the human that was obviously interested in Stradafis. His Name Recognition told him that the human was Joe Phillips. Sam immediately became very interested.

Back at the lab, Joe was making more and more assumptions as to what this strange thing was out in space. His satellite that he sent out is floating around Stradafis, like a video of the planet for him to watch. Joe noticed an oddly colored space on Earth across from the new planet, almost a purplish pink.
Joe zoomed in'
The space was round.
Zoom in'
It was located on a section of Venezuela, but not all of it was gone.
Part of the world was missing.

Joe was ecstatic!
'Bill, Tom, Larry, Mike! Get in here! I have just made the world's biggest discovery!'
Everyone rushed in.
Everyone is silent as they stare at their world floating just a few hundred miles from Earth itself.

Sam is planning on Transporting the next day, once he figures out some more information about this so-called, 'Joe Phillips.'
As the next day came, Sam snuck out back, just so his mom wouldn't see and disapprove of his plan. He went to the local park and sat behind the oak tree. Pop! He was off to Earth. Well actually, his hologram was off to Earth. The room he appeared in was obviously a lab. There were tables full of tubes filled with multicolored liquids. There were lab coats hung over all the chairs, and computers with funny formulas that he had no idea what they meant. Where was Joe Phillips? Sam walked over to a computer that had an image of Venus on it, and when you looked closely, you could see Stradafis. He played with the mouse for a bit and zoomed in on his home.
'I wonder if my mom will notice I'm gone''
The door flew open and crashed against the wall.
'What do you think your doing?'
Sam's head whipped around to find a very tall, very plump man standing in the doorway, with a face so red he might pass out right then and there. Sam Recognized this human to be, the one and only, Joe Phillips.
'Hello my name is Samuel Jacobs.'
'What are you doing here?' Joe screamed.
'Just please let me explain' I come from the planet that you have discovered. Its name is Stradafis and I am a person of Strad. I located your beam to take pictures of our planet and I would love to be of assistance to anything you want to know, because I have always loved Earth and how you people can eat! Oh, how I would love to eat! I will occasionally eat an apple on my own but my mom keeps telling me that if I continue to eat that I'll get really fat, since we're not supposed to eat and we cant get rid of what we eat, and''
Joe had his hands on his head. 'Wait, wait, wait. What did you say your name was kid?'
'Samuel Jacobs. But you can just call me Sam if you would like.'
'Hey... Sam.'
'You talk too much kid.'
'Oh sorry,' Sam said looking down at his feet.
'Well my name is,'
Sam's head shot up ecstatic.
'Joe Phillips, yes I know. I know all about you! You are a scientist, your moms name is Karen and your dad is Jim. You don't have any siblings and you're single. Your favorite color is orange, like a sunset, and you love cottage cheese,' Sam was practically yelling he was so excited.
'How do you know all of this?' Joe asked confused.
It's because of my Name Recogni...' POP!
There was silence. Joe sat alone in his lab, astonished. Sam had disappeared right before his eyes.
'How did he get he get here in the first place?' Joe was so confused his head started pounding. He left to go get an Advil.

Sam came back to his body behind the oak tree. His limited time was up, since he is still a kid. He decided he would go visit Joe Phillips again tomorrow.
'Where have you been young man?' Sam's mom screamed as soon as he walked through the front door.
'I have been worried sick! You weren't in your bed this morning, and you weren't outside or in the basement! I had no idea where you were! I called everyone and they all said that they hadn't seen you! You have a lot of explaining to do young man!'
Sam sighed. 'Mom it's ok. I just Transported myself over to the zoo to watch the monkeys. No big deal. Sorry I worried you, next time I Transport I will let you know. I'm sorry.'
His mom's face calmed down and she took a deep breath.
'Ok then, just please tell me next time ok sweetie?'
Sam went up to his room. 'What a pushover,' he whispered under his breath. But there was no way that he was going to tell his mom that he had been going to Earth. She would flip! Then there would be no way for him to investigate because he would be under him mom's watch 24/7. It was obvious that he needed to keep this to himself.

'Do you think he is some kind of alien or something?'
'Larry, why would he be an alien if he lives somewhere that came off of Earth?'
'Well he's not human, so obviously a new species formed on the land. Maybe it was like an alien invasion or something,' said Mike.
Joe cleared his throat and everyone went silent.
'I don't think that Sam is an alien' but I do think that he is something out of the ordinary. Plus, we don't even know if he is telling the truth, so we can't go by anything he says for the risk of it being false information. He could be a spy for all we know!
'Well, I can tell you right now, I'm definitely not an alien. Or a spy for that matter.'
Everyone's head whipped around, to see Sam standing in the doorway.
'I am just a Strad boy, no strings attached. And there's no freaky reason that I'm here, just curious.' Sam said with a huge smile on his face. The group of men was speechless. What are you supposed to say to someone that you just accused of being a spy? 'Oh, and sorry about leaving so suddenly yesterday. My time was up. If you want I can tell you all about it!' The men just kind of nodded their heads, still not sure of what to say. So Sam began his story of Stradafis, Strad people, their extra senses, and the reason why Earth doesn't know about Stradafis, but Stradafis knows about Earth'
When Sam was done, they were really speechless. Then POP! Sam was gone again; all his time had been used up.

'I think he's telling the truth,' said Larry.
'He's a filthy liar and you know it!' screamed Joe.
'How are we supposed believe this boy! He comes out of nowhere, with these 'magical' type powers, trying to be our friend! It's impossible for him NOT to be up to something bad!'
Larry stood up from his chair.
'Joe, calm down a little and think about it. This could be a huge boost in our discoveries! Think about what could happen!'
Joe's face turned bright red.
'Nothing would happen! If we tried to go to their planet, they would most likely ambush us!'
Tom stepped between them, hands up.
'Joe, now you can't go around making assumptions like that! These are all just guesses you are making. You should know better, that you have to collect the facts first before judging! That's what you always did, and need to stop doing. So why not start practicing now?'
Then Joe's face turned bright purple.
'FINE! If you won't help me, then I'll destroy the monstrous being myself, and its planet as well!!!'
Joe stomped off, so infuriated he might just scream, and went back to his lab. He pulled up the picture on his computer of Stradafis, and stared it down. Joe was so convinced that this planet was out to destroy Earth. So sure that he picked up the phone, and dialed a long, confusing number. The number belonged to the White House.

'Hello, how may I help you?' said a cheery voice on the other line.
'I need to speak to the President, it's an emergency.'
'Who is this?'
'It's Joe Phillips from the Science Institute, I have big news!'
'Ah yes, Mr. Phillips. As I recall, you have had many 'big news' incidences that have turned out to be a total disaster, if I do say so myself' I think that'' she was cut off.
'No, this is big, and it's for sure! I need to talk to the President immediately! As in right NOW!' Joe said breathing hard from so much yelling.
The secretary sighed a long, emotional sigh, and dialed a few buttons.
'He will be right with you sir.'
The President was up in his chamber looking over documents to find a reasonable consequence for a murder scene. He was about to fall asleep, slumped over in his chair, when the loud, obnoxious ring of his telephone went off.
'Yes, yes hello, how may I help you?'
'There is an emergency call on line three for you sir. It's that Joe Phillips again sir.'
'Him again? Ugh, okay thanks Andrea.'
The President pushed a few buttons on the phone, and sighed again.
'What is it Phillips?'
'Mr. President! I have discovered a new, sort of, planet I guess. After doing much research, my colleagues and I have found that this new, er, planet has broken off of Earth and created its own colony. Only the people who live on it are not people at all! They are like aliens or something! They have all these funky powers and we came in contact with one named Sam. I have come to the conclusion that they are planning to take over Earth so they can live on a larger land.'
'Wow, that is big. But are you completely and totally sure about this Joe? Because you have a record of jumping to conclusions and having it turn out nothing like what you expected. Like that one time when you thought your friend Larry was going to take your job so that he could have the glory of your rock discovery and you called me to have him sued and arrested' or when,'
'Okay, okay. But that was before and I really know about this one. Trust me, I'm sure.'
'Well then, what do you propose we do?' said the President leaning back in his chair again.
'I think I have a pretty good idea'' Joe whispers with an evil look in his eye.
'Come by the lab tomorrow at noon and we can make a plan,' he added at the last second then slammed down the phone and went to get started on a way to make Stradafis, go away.

Sam couldn't visit Joe today, because he had a basketball game. Well you could call it basketball if you wanted to. But like everything else on Stradafis, this was a mutant game of the basketball that is played on Earth.
He decided tomorrow would be a good day to go though, just to check up on some things.
Later that night when Sam and his mom got home, Sam went up to his room to go Map because he was so anxious to go to Earth and it was killing him to have to skip a day.
But what he saw when his Map showed up in his room, is not what he expected to see at all. Being built right outside of the Science Institute was another laser. But this one was different. This one was much, much bigger than the first one Sam saw when he discovered Joe Phillips, and this one had a bomb'

Sam ran downstairs so fast that he fell half the way down. He landed on his head at the bottom, but he didn't care. He had to find a way to stop Joe.
"Sam where are you going?" yelled his mom.
"To save the world!" Sam screamed as he rushed out the door. He ran as fast as he could to the oak tree. On his second visit to Earth he left a merangoo, which is a special fruit that only grows on Stradafis. Since Strad people don't have to eat, this fruit doesn't make you full or gain any weight what so ever. So you can just eat it for pleasure. He wanted to take it to Joe as a fun surprise, but he wasn't going to give it to him now'

POP! Sam was back on Earth. He ended up in the lobby so he had to run to find Joe's room. He had to run up five flights of stairs, and down about twelve or so hallways. He finally found the door with the label on the side with 'Main Lab- Phillips' written on it. He flung open the door to find' nothing. Empty. No one was there. Sam threw out another Map showing Joe. He was outside somewhere, he guessed in front of the building. Back down the never-ending hallways and stairs to the outside lawn. To the left was a large group of people, and what looked kind of like a tank, which Sam knew was the laser. By the people were three long, black limos, with American flags on them. Then there was a huddle of men in black suits and ties. They were circling a man in a blue suit, which Sam Recognized as the President. And then Joe, standing in front of them, showing off his exterminator. The laser was very intimidating. It was a big, black tube, with a pointy top. It had a bunch of electrical currents around it, so it was obviously very' very powerful.
Then Joe turned his head Sam's way, and his face immediately scrunched up, like he smelled something extremely foul. Then he dipped his head to be close to the President's ear, and whispered something while pointing his finger at Sam. Then the President turned toward Sam, and motioned him to come over to where they were standing.
Sam, very slowly, walked toward Joe and the President.
'How old are you son?' asked the President.
Sam stuttered before answering in a shaky voice.
'Thirteen years old sir.'
'And my friend Joe here says that you come from another planet, is that true' Sam?'
'Yes sir. But would you mind telling me what this laser is for sir?'
'First, I need to be proven of this alien planet. I'm still not sure that I fully believe this whole situation. Would you mind showing me some evidence Sam?' said the President, looking in Joe's direction.
Sam didn't really know what to say. All he did was toss out another Map, showing Larry in his lab with a couple of rats.
'Impressive,' the President smiled.
Sam smiled back.
'Could you show me my wife at home, and what she is doing?'
Sam's grin got even bigger, as he whipped out a Map, showing a blonde in a big chair reading a thick novel.
'Okay, so I believe you. But c'mon, are you really trying to blow up Earth?'
The President said with his hands in the air.
Yes! Now is the chance for Sam to explain himself.
'Of course not! I''
Sam was back behind the tree.
'No! Ugh! I have to get back there!'

'See I told you! He had to get out of here, right when you brought up his plan! He is out to get us! Hurry up with the laser!' Joe yelled at the other scientists working with the wires in the big, black tube.
'I guess he is a little freaky' but I still think that we need to learn more about the situation before we launch this thing,' said the President grabbing Joe by the shoulder.
'What are you talking about? You just saw that! He had to get out of here to work on his machine to destroy our world! He could be launching it any second at this point. So if you're not going to help me, you can just get out of my way!

In fact, Sam was working on his own machine, but it wasn't to destroy Earth. No, it was to save Stradafis. And Sam thought he had a pretty good plan to do so. To Sam's advantage, there was no element of surprise against him. Since he had his Map out of Joe, Sam knew what he was doing at all times. What Sam came up with, was like reverse psychology' kind of. He figured if Joe was going to blow up his planet, Sam would try to bounce it back to him. In other words, he would use a giant mirror. The laser sent to Stradafis would be sent back to Earth to destroy it. Sam did feel a little guilty. Blowing up another planet isn't really something you do everyday, but he couldn't just let Joe, his new nemesis, go annihilate his home.
So far Sam had taken just about every window or mirror that the town owned and was strapping it all together to make an oversized barrier. This had taken up the rest of the night and all of the next day. He could tell from his Map that Joe's laser was directed right toward town, so he planned on putting the barrier right in front of the gates that led into the town. When he last looked, Joe was having trouble with some chemicals, so that was a good sign.
By the time Sam had gotten the window-backboard into place, he had developed a pretty large crowd of confused, curious residents, including his worried mother. Sam showed the Map to his mom and quickly explained some stuff so that she could tell the townspeople what was going on. That got everyone talking and complaining about not knowing about this sooner.
Then there was a faint screeching noise, slowly getting louder and louder. A bright maroon light filled the sky. Through the clouds came a red ball, the laser. As soon as the ball of fire hit the surface, the whole planet would explode into nothingness.
Sam was scrambling to prop up his wall. People were screaming and crying, grabbing their loved ones, waiting for their lives come to an end. But Sam hadn't lost hope. Once he had the barrier in place he stepped back and closed his eyes. A huge wind picked up and a deafening rumble was shaking the ground. Everyone started running full speed in the opposite direction that the bomb was coming from and no one stopped. Finally there was a huge bang, and everyone flew to the ground with the impact of the collision. Smoke was all around and the sound was louder than ever. The ground was shaking so hard, Sam was practically bouncing on a trampoline. Everyone was rolling on each other, and screaming bloody murder! Sam was bounced way up high, and came down with his back smacking right on top of a collection of rocks. Sam cried out in agony and rolled over, as the ground started calming down. It was just vibrating after about five minutes and Sam heard people whispering and getting up. Sam looked up. Trees were on the ground, rocks were everywhere, and glass was all over the ground. Despite his throbbing back, Sam jumped up and grabbed the Map. The bomb was soaring back through space. Sam sat down in relief. He had done it, he had saved Stradafis. He lay down and held the Map above his face so he could watch Earth disappear forever. Sam could feel all the eyes watching him, and he knew they wanted to know what had just happened. He sat in silence, not able to speak because his back was so sore.
Then the strangest thing happened. As the bomb was traveling back towards Earth, it didn't blow up like he envisioned. The bomb hit Antarctica, and the thick ice made the ball stick into it, and it shot Earth in the opposite direction. The Map followed the speeding Earth. It soared for many minutes. When it slowed down, it was in a completely different galaxy'
And that was that. Earth was no longer a threat. Stradafis was safe, and everyone was happy. Sam went home with his mom, and while he iced his back, told her the entire story of Joe Phillips. All the Strad people knew about Joe Phillips and his story was told to all the new children. In the end of all the madness, Samuel Jacobs was a legend on Stradafis.

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