New Wheels

October 23, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a normal day at Jessica’s high school, a normal Friday where the football players were amped for their big game, and the teachers are mad because they don’t want to give their students any home work. Jessica’s day went great, she got a slice of pizza, chocolate milk, and an orange, the casual Friday lunch, and she had one of her best friend’s parties to go too, so she was very excited. The day was almost at its end; her last task was to go to the obnoxious pep rally. She liked them and all but she was ready to get her weekend started. So she sat with her twin Karyssa, and they were laughing and enjoying thereselfs. They really found it funny when the cheerleaders pied the football players. The rally went really fast, as Jessica sighed with relief when she looked at the clock and it said 2:55.The ball rang; all the students were pushing and shoving to get to their bus or their cars. As Jessica was making her way down the sweat smelling bleachers she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was her cousin, he is part of student council, he asked her if maybe she could help clean up, and he said if you would I can give you a ride home. Jessica rolled her eyes and said alright, but let’s try and make this quick, her cousin was very happy, the more people there to help clean up the quicker, he told Jessica it would take a total of 10 minutes. So as soon as he said that Jessica said okay let’s get started! Her cousin said okay okay calm down, as he chuckled, he told her to go up by the cafeteria in the janitor’s closet to get a mop and bucket. Jessica ran there she grabbed the supplies, and ran back down. She was surprised there was no one there, it was an empty high school auditorium, she blew it off and started cleaning up, well the lights turned off. So she went and turned them back on and she started cleaning again, she was awkwardly whistling and looking around. They shut off again Jessica was like alright this is stupid I’m leaving, I’ll just call my mom to give me a ride. She went out by the vending machine; it was really quiet without all the loud students and buses. She was trying to figure out where everyone went, they were just running around the school acting all cool, like they were trying to play a prank on her. As she called her mom and went on with her business, well meaning texting, and listening to her iPod. She heard a noise, not a creepy noise but almost like a hero’s them song, and it came from the parking lot. She looked around the corner and saw the bat mobile, just parked there. The window rolled down, as her mom said hey honey, like my new ride?

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