Broken Promises

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

She promised she would never drink again, she told her self “it’s stupid”. She told her friends she didn’t drink cause she hated the taste. Then that night bored at a sleep over Jenny said, “Lets do some shots”. She didn’t argue she even helped pick out the vodka from the liquor cabinet.
She promised she wouldn’t smoke anymore. “ Cigarettes are just for people with low self-esteem who thinks it makes them look cool, all it does is give you cancer”, she thought. Then her friend said she wanted a cigarette so she asked a man in a navy blazer and skinny jeans outside Starbucks, just to see if she could get one. She got two, one for her friend one for her.
She promised her parents over and over again she didn’t do drugs. When she got caught she swore that it had been her first time, and she would stop smoking pot. Then she promised herself, the only promises she ever intends to keep. She still had a half gram left “shouldn’t waste it” she thought “that’s 12 dollars”. So she slept at a friend’s house and lit up. She promised herself that was it, it’s a half ounce latter and two months.
She promised herself she would never do anything too strong, no coc, no heroin, no pills. She promised herself she would keep up her GPA. “Just weed it’s natural, gateway my ass”. Then she thought about all the broken promises.

The author's comments:
fingers crossed it all works out.

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