You fill up my empty heart

October 20, 2008
My parents past away when I was 12 years old It began like this, I got off school when I got home my parents ask me if I wanted to go to the store with them. I said no I have homework to do maybe next time. And that was the last time I ever speak to them. My parents are the coolest people I’ve ever known, they’re fun to be with, hang out with, imagine living with them the best part of all.

They’re very strong and hard workers, I know my grandparents but I don’t like them very much, my parents doesn’t speak to them at all, my mom had me at the age of 14 and my daddy was 16, I heard they went to a party and yeah you know what happen ? And there I was.

Four years later, they got married and move to Jacksonville. My grandparents visit us; they were shock to see my parents, especially me. Umm let’s get back to mom and dad enough of me. Like I said before my parents were the coolest people I’ve ever known, they always been there for me, until the day they went to the store together and a big truck crash them.

Each and everyday I ask god why didn’t go with them because the pain is too much for me. It hurts it really do I don’t think anyone can ever replace the love that I had from my parents.

Chapter Two

After the death of my wonderful parents I move to California with my grandparents, then when I turn 15 my grandparents past away. The state had to put into adoption. When I was in that place I learn a lot, make a lot of friends but none of them can fill the hole that I have in my heart since my parents past away. Each and everyday I pray god asking him to fill up that hole for me.

A year later a black women come up to me and ask me for my name I said” Diamond Latisha” then she said was you’re mom name Cristal Latisha. I answered her by saying “yes” finally she said ok come on get you’re stuff you going to live with now, I’m your new mother. She took me shopping, get my hair and nails done, she buy me food the she said “ are you ready to go home” sure I said, when I got there I saw two boys, that’s my son Sean and this our neighbor Trey. “Welcome” said Sean, thank you; they show me around the house and finally my room.

A hour later I ask Mrs. Julian if she adopted Sean to she didn’t answer then she call me in her room and say it don’t matter don’t ever bring that subject up again, you understand “yes” I reply. The house was very pretty, they’re nice people, and they make me feel like I was home. Trey look funny he wear glasses and he got a fro. Mrs. Julian looks 6ft, long black hair and Sean he looks good, he’s brown, nice smile, and a little bit muscular , play football. Trey’s 12 years old, Mrs. Julian 28 years old and Sean is 17.Something is weird he doesn’t have the same last name as Mrs. Julian maybe he was adopted, should I ask him………whoosh.

Chapter Three

Why and why Mrs. Julian told me not to bring that subject up is she hidden something from him? I walk to the living room no one was there, then I went by Sean’s room, he had a poster on the door that say “ Please Knock, I Love you” I knock on his door, he said come in, he was laying down on his bed he ask me to sit down I did he said can I help you. “Umm yes, sorry to interrupt you.” It’s okay.

“I know this is none of my business I just want to know If Mrs. Julian was you’re real mother” wow what kind of question is that look Ms. Diamond she’s not my real mother and I don’t know what happen to my real mother. But I do know one thing she left me a book that have all the information that I need to know and I’m allow to look at it on my 18th birthday. “I’m sorry” it’s okay what about you what happen to your parents.

We spend 2 hours talking about each other then I fall asleep on he’s bed. Latisha, Latisha Mrs. Julian woke me up. Child you been sleeping for three hours now, I need to talk to you. We went to the patio, tomorrow is Sean birthday and I need you to help prepare a surprise party for him.

“Sure “I said after that I look at the clock it was 8pm I ask Ms. Julian if I could go to the pool she said sure honey , I got to go work, you going to leave me here by myself. Yes, Said Mrs. Julian but Sean is on his way from work.

While I was on the pool I was thinking about my parents then I had a flashback of that time when we went to the beach and daddy was messing with mommy because she couldn’t catch him.

Chapter Four

I miss them so much. I had a red two piece on, next thing I know my eyes were covered, umm Sean. “Nope” the person said then I said trey he said yep, I ask him how he get in he said Sean is here. “Oh” I said rapidly.

You got nice breast said trey, man, don’t even think about she’s not on you’re level said Sean, he get in the middle of our conversation right when about to curse trey out, hey Latisha , how you doing? Said Sean, I reply by saying I’m fine, oh yeah I can tell said Sean.

I look at him like …. Then they both jump on the pool Splash!! Then trey phone was ringing it was his mother he had to go.

Then it was me and Sean in the pool he was flirting with me I ignore him then he swim under the water and start touching my toes I bust out laughing and when he was getting out of the pool, he run his finger through my body, and it felt so good.

You like that huh said Sean, “what is wrong with you?” I reply I’m sorry said Sean it’s just that since that day you walked trough that door in our house I felt something,

I’ve been feeling a way, I never felt before and it’s a good feeling and I know I didn’t know you but I feel like I know you. I’m sorry he ran to his room.

I felt so bad after all. I couldn’t sleep that night all I was thinking about is him, and what happen I was feeling bad real bad.

Chapter Five

Mrs. Julian came in my room she ask me if I was ok, I told her I was fine then she said “you didn’t eat your dinner, you been acting weird for the last three months what is wrong with you know you can talk to me about anything.”

First of all, Sean found out about his real family his mom had cancer and he doesn’t know who his daddy is, he’s not related to Mrs. Julian at all. Umm Mrs. Julian the reason I’ve been acting is because I found out Sean likes me I said to her.

She bust out with a laugh the she said” child I knew that he liked you since that day I bring your picture in the house and said I was going to adopt you, and I’m sorry if you have to found out this way, goodnight sweetie, follow your heart.”

I spend the whole night thinking about what she said to me about following my heart, how can I follow my heart when it’s weak, my heart been bleeding since my parents past away, it can’t help me.

I was tired, I look at the clock it was 2 am. Then I wish I can replay what happen when he told me how he feels about me.

I wish I can apologize but I don’t know how to every time, I try to or try to call, text I get nervous and I give up.

I was depress, so I went to the pool it was 3am right when Mrs. Julian leave for work, then someone open the door it was him, he look at me and smile. I’m sorry I said you haven’t talk to me in months now I’m sorry if I hurt I didn’t mean and I didn’t think it was that serious and since my parents past away it was the first time I hear someone tell me they loved me.

Chapter Six

I understand, Latisha and I’m sorry if I got you thinking you couldn’t even sleep at least that’s what I heard, don’t you think there’s someone out there for you, who truly loves.

I remember how you was telling about you’re parents how much they loved each other, how happy they was together, they belonged together, well I think we do.

For a moment I look at him like he was crazy then I look deep down in his eyes and I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time, I think its love. Oh my god! I’m loved. I run to my room then I call him on his phone he pick up then we started talking, we stay on the phone for hours then I fell asleep.

There was a knock. I open my door and there he was. Good morning said Sean, he hug me it felt so good then Mrs. Julian come in my room and said “hey kids look likes I miss something” not really I said then he look at me and smile.

I put on my favorite jeans and go to the living room.” We going to Denny’s for breakfast then we going to the mall” said Mrs. Julian.

When went to the mall there was two boys who try to talk to me but I ignore them because I’ already taken. Oh yeah! I didn’t tell you how he asks me out.

Well this is how it happen we went to the movies together, there was a part where a girl and a boy was kissing, he turn around and look at me I smile back at him.

Chapter Seven

After the movie we walk to the car hand to hand, as we lean on the car looking at the stars, he called my name I turn around and Bam! He kisses me, I was shock but very happy then he go on his knees and hand me a promise ring. It say’s Latisha

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