No one ever said this would be easy.

October 9, 2008
By Telia Rattliff- Cross, Brooklyn Park, MN

No one ever said this would be easy! but i hoped it wasn't true.
i never had my heart broken, i never liked to make a decision but now i have three hearts to break. why did i ever get myself into this. i shouldn't even like them, there both in the ninth grade and I'm about to graduate. why did i have to get attached now.
i leaned a bit on my banister looking out into the starry night, i couldn't sleep. every time i tried i seen there faces, felt the way the squeezed me when they asked for a hug. i stared, just thinking, i could just ignore them for the rest of the school year, we only have three weeks left then I'm somewhere in college and stephen is in Florida.mike is staying at least i won't get to see him much, hopefully. i sighed and put my head on my hands. why can't this ever be easy. i turned around and walked into my room shutting my balcony doors. i lye in my bed and wait for sleep hoping the dreams would leave.

i jumped up breathing heavy, they didn't leave. swet was rolling down my face as my hand went to my forenead and looked at my covered window, it was slighty dark out still. my breathing slowed as i flopped back down on the bed and tryed to forget how real the dream felt.
~Dream begin~

i was in our school, the concourse area. the desk were scattered and full i was jammed between people as they moved from one class to another, or to take a quick break before class. i spotted amber,talisa and micha in the cornor by the bathrooms quickly, it sounded like they were excited about something. i tryed to make my way threw to them. "lia," someone called from behind, i ignored it and kept pushing threw. an arm around my waist made me stop in my tracks. i looked down quickly seeing if i could reconize the heated arm around my waist. it was easily reconizable, i looked up and mike was staring down at me he wispered quickly in my ear. "i have to tell you something!" i looked at him it looked urgent. i looked back at amber, talisa and micha they were waiting for me, i shook my head and mouthed "lunch" as he removed his arm and took my hand. we struggled threw the thining crowd. we quickly reached the stairs by the front door of the small school. he quickly pulled me up the staris to the empty teachers lounge and in the storage room. the door clicked softly behind us. he still didn't stop or let go of my now sweaty hand. he walked a few more steps then let go. i stood there waiting for him to tell me. he just started out the window."what is it mike?" he didn't answer, didn't look at me. not having time nor patience i walked around him till i was blocking the view he was staring at until he ment my eyes. he sighed "this is hard for me to say to you?" he said i waited he sighed and closed his eyes, "your important to me, lia i want to be with you, but..." i froze not knowing what to think, i quickly blanked my face so i wouldn't hurt him. he looked at my face and continued, taking my hand in his seaty palms "i-i think i'm starting to like you, really like you lia." he waited for my reaction. i was waiting for my reaction too. i didn't want to hurt him. i liked him too but just as a friend plus he was too young for me. i fought with my self to come up with an answer he was waiting and growing more anxious by the second. finally i decided to give a very short,to the point answer "oh," i breathed "that's all you can say, oh" he started to close the gap between us, my heart quickend. you have a boyfriend i reminded myself "i-i" i can't do this, just kiss him NO- step back tell him the truth. i battled with myself as he stared into my eyes. i sighed and closed my eyes opening them looking down "i-i, just want to be friends,plus me and-and luke are togther" i looked into his eyes and could tell that i'd hurt him-
~Dream end~
i jumped up sweating i looked around my slightly lightened room i sighed' i went back to sleep' i thought.i put my clammy hand on my forehead and swallowed hard. i looked around for my clock and it read 7:30. i sighed thank god it's senior skip week. most of the kids are still in school. i peeled myself off the bed and into the bathroom i washed and brushed both my hair and teeth, went down the stairs. before i could make it in the kitchen my phone buzzed on the counter. i picked it up it was luke another cute senior the hottest
and my boyfriend.
"hello" i asked as i sat on the counch
"hey, how r u?" asked luke in an asperated voice
"glad i'm not in school right now" i answered happily
he chuckled softly "are you home alone right now"
"it depends," i laughed
"on" he breathed
"you'll have to come over to find out" i teased
he growled playfully "don't tempt me" knowing he'd be here in a blick of an eye
i laughted "stuck"
"the only way i woulden't be there with you" he said quietly "i'll see you later tonight"
"i'll be waiting"
i hung up laughing to my self "vamps" wispered under my breath
i ventured in the kitchen not really hungrey i decided that i would go see luke even if he was eating now. i would wait in the car until he got home. i took my keys off the hook. opened and locked the front door and walked to my parked car in the driveway. i stopped halfway and froze. what is he doing here? i asked myself as a boy with dark brown hair and a wicked grin he walked towards me with a swagger in his all black. he stopped three feet from me and opened his arm as he flashed his smile that i always loved
"hello" he cooed in his alluring voice
i stumled towards him unsure if he was really here, he caught me and chuckled "i guess i still have that affect" he breathed in my ear
i regained my jumbled thoughs and spoke
"what are you doing here?"
"thought i stopped by" as he squeezed me closer. i wanted to stay their and soak up the happieness but we weren't together anymore i sighed and stepped back
"i know'' he said as his hands balled up into fist he inhealed sharply
"i'm sorry'' i said low but i knew he could here me as i wrapped my arms around myself
he sighed and ran his fingers threw his wavy, dark brown hair. showing his frustration '' call me sometimes please i do miss hanging out with you'' and with that he got back into his car and drove away in a blur.
i didn't know what to think. i didn't move at all. i couldn't believe it after all this time. i regained my jumbled thoughts inhealed and jumped in my car, started the engine and rethought destination. i drove slow as i made my way there. hoping i wouldn't be caught in something i woulden't regret. i can't believe i have feelings for both of them.

the end. if you want more of the added story go to quizilla .com/princesslia2

The author's comments:
I wrote this small very short stories based on my friend and me. I was confused and really wanted a boyfriend and at the time of when I was writing the story I was very self contious.

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