September 5th

October 4, 2008
By Alyssa Freeman, Methuen, MA

September 5th . A new scent had entered our territory. The shedding of ripe and fresh animal’s blood was inhaled into my nostrils. Darkened pools of blood abruptly became into a frigid manner, and on the flat terrain laid scattered animals to the ground. Cotton grass fiercely blew their seeds in the ominous wind. Daylight became intense and pale. The motionless creatures’ blood vessels lost all warmth from their ears to their toes. The blood was disgraceful to my eyes, it was of an animal I had once known. Glaring upon that animal, I had shot a laughter of victory, because I had finally killed my best friend.

Strenuously, I awoke from my nightmare, and for the third consecutive night suffered from insomnia because of the vexing dream. Maintaining my composure, I replaced a water hole with an upper layer of soil that was above permafrost. In addition, I allowed my body to flex in a position where my body heat could fill the hole. As light, peaked beyond the terrain, from a distance I noticed Wane, the caribou grazing in the patches of grass and lichen. Wane, oblivious of my attendance, didn’t flee until my devoted protection, the brown bears were nothing but 30 feet close. Every animal, musk-ox, caribou, artic hare, snowshoe rabbit, and lemming, know to stay a distance from the Top Predators or they will be devoured. The Top Predators are wolves, artic foxes, snowy owls, and bears. Due to the harsh winters and habitual destructions, every animal must work in order to contain equality, and for all to enjoy the benefits of their labor. In Yuk, the arctic rules apply as “Work is every animal’s requirement, not an option,” and “If any animal doesn’t work than his equal wages are death.” To typically be fair, trials are held in where animals are either acquitted or charged of crimes. This justice system has upheld for over five months, and since community life in Yuk have only ameliorated. In order to ensure these rules are followed, the Top Predators oversee the prey and carry out punishments.

At evening, there was to be a Top Predators Congressional Meeting held at the Alpine. Brown bears secured the entrances and exits in the properly fashion. Whitt, the wise elder snowy owl and the elect spokesperson began speaking in an audible tone. “Attention all Top Predators, it is truly an honor to be the elected spokesperson for tonight. There has been a bill which is in the process of being passed. Ladies and Gentleman, it is our decision on whether we believe Bill # 345, which states, “The arctic rule declaring that every animal should work or death should be applied to animals of a younger status-ages 5-adulthood.” Could all animals in favor of this bill please say I? For the final stage, all the Top Predators said I. A week later, the bill was passed and signed by myself, the Domain Predator.

As of the 13th day of November, the bill was installed. If extreme revolts were to occur by the prey, than they should be tortured in Hypothermia Hell until they denounce their wrongful thinking and actions. Then depending on the sentence, they will be brutally murdered or released after the brainwashing treatment. My Vice Predator, Ferry Artic Fox, was my loyal companion to the Top Predators Party. Ferry and I have been close associates ever since we have entered politics. Ferry comes from very humble beginnings and was at first distraught of the new bill, but quickly grasped the concept.
“Congratulations of the new bill, De Wolfe !,” appraised Ferry.

“Thanks”, I replied.

“So what should I do now, adopt some prey so that I can instruct them in

the way of the arctic rules?, Ferry inquired.

“That would definitely be considered “work,” I replied in a jokingly manner.
The party was to celebrate the success of Bill #345. The party was quite exuberant; for there was fine entertainment, plentiful food, Whitt made a superior speech and everyone dressed in elegant attire.

On the 24th day of January, news had spread that 11-year old, Callie, a lemming had refused to work on her food collection assignment because she had reported that she had twisted her foot. A brown bear immediately rushed her to the Animal Care Facility, where they had found nothing wrong in her foot. When inquired about the incident, Callie confessed that she had lied and was eventually sentenced to death. Her death sentence was to be whipped and devoured by the Royal Pack of Arctic Foxes. Callie was the youngest person in Yuk, to ever receive punishment for disobedience of the rules, let alone a death sentence. Over the next period of months, about 10 more children were either arrested, released from Hypothermia Hell, or murdered.

Midnight on the 12th of May, witnesses reported that mysterious creatures lurked around Yuk and destroyed 15 terrains and homes by arson and flooded the frigid soils with over 4 tons of debris. The following day, a probe was sent out and another Top Predators Congressional Meeting was held at the Alpine. “WE are in power, not the prey. If the prey continue to revolt, then the Top Predators authority will fall. There is a conspiracy among the animals that must be defeated! If they fight by force, we will take action!” After the words of Whitt, the Top Predators were stirred and the ebullience crowd cheered and cried with inspiration. Meetings became a continual routine, yet the more meetings the less I noticed my Vice Predator, Ferry. At once, it was announced that he died from frostbite.

On September 5th, I unexpectedly visited Ferry Artic Fox’s home to pay my last respects and dues. To my surprise and bitter disgust, his home was filled with over 50 reindeer, musk-ox, lemmings, snowshoe- rabbits and arctic hares. “Brown bears, please arrest all of these prey!” Obeying my orders, twenty brown bears immediately seized the place. “Halt!,” screamed a shrill voice. It was a disguised creature, -no it was Ferry Arctic Fox!
“Ferry, you’re alive! Why are all these prey in your house?,” I cried.

“My name isn’t Ferry Arctic Fox it’s Niche Fox. I’ve been secretly working with the conspiracy against Top Predators before the many years I’ve spent with you. De Wolfe, how foolish could you be? Don’t you know that an arctic fox’s best attribute is to be sly? I wasn’t lying when I told you that I wanted to adopt prey to instruct them in my way of the arctic rules. One thing I can say is it was nice being friends with you.”

I was utterly confused. “Why do you abhor Top Predators-especially when you are one? I don’t understand you were my loyal Vice Predator!

“Work doesn't equal death, death equals work. I couldn’t live with the feeling that I’m superior than someone else, when my whole childhood I was taught to be humble and treat everyone equally. I saw young children and adults alike being killed because they simply refuse to work. Now tell me, is that fair-better yet, equal? The arctic rules certainly does not imply equality. If the humans could fought for equality, why can’t the animals? At night, I had visions. I had a vision that one day, the prey would overrule the Predators. Finally, that day is today,” Niche Fox answered.

Animal fought animal. The tearing of flesh, breaking of bones, and the clashing of skulls was a despicable war site. As a result, the untrained, small, 50 prey were no match for the expertise, prodigious, brown bears. In the fight, 30 feeble prey were killed , and 10 brown bears were injured . A new scent entered my nostrils . Glaring upon that animal, I had shot a laughter of victory, because I had finally killed my best friend.

The author's comments:
Writing is simply the way I express myself. In the piece, I have submitted, the fictional fable has many symbolisms. On September 5th, the wolf has a vision that he kills his best friend. The Top Predators represent the upper class in our society, therefore the prey is the lower class. When a controversal bill has been made into a law, the only way for the prey to express themselves is in the form of a conspiracy. What is shocking in the story is that the leader of the conspiracy was a fellow Top Predator. The vision of September 5th was forehawdowed from the beginning, because the prey who try to overthrow the Top Predators are defeated. Ferry Acrtic Fox states that "Work doesn't equal death, death equals work," which means that not working shouldn't result in the punishment of death, when it is like being dead, and a living hell to work. Also, Ferry Arctic Fox points, that if the humans fought for their equality, why can't the animals, is relative to when the American colonists being of a low stature fought and won victory over the powerful Great Britain. However, in modern our society, we see the constant cycle of the low class always being defeated by the upper class. THerefore, there is never equality. Why is it always that way? I hope at least one person enjoyed my fable, it is always a pleasure to write.

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