Love Letter: What Happened

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous


I’m writing this out on a limb. I don’t even know if you will get this but if you do please let me know if you have. Write back if you can.

I’m very happy that you are with your grandma because you wanted it for so long. Just keep that promise, that you will finish high school. That’s all I ask of you. Keep that promise.

When I found out that you got caught I was so happy because I thought you were going to jail. And the only reason I wanted you there was because I didn’t want you to mess up your life anymore that it already was, but now you have your grandma. Please be good for her and do what she says. No matter how hard it is for you. She only wants the best for you and so do I even if you don’t believe that, I do. Remember I want you to go for your dreams, but you seemed to give up or gave up on them. I’m still rooting for you.

When you turn 18 please stay in high school and don’t ruin your life. I would love to run into you in a few years and see that you have succeeded. I miss you, but not so sure that I’m still in love with you. And how you feel is totally your business. To be honest I don’t know if I can see you, at all. For the fear of how I might take it. About 3 or 4 weeks ago you came down to my town and I don’t know if I should feel surprised or glad that you didn’t come see me. Again that goes back to I’m not sure that I can see you. But if it does happen, then I will take it as is.

Don’t forget I will listen/read to whatever you have to say if you want me too. I won’t be someone that just leaves you hanging and you know that. I can give you this no matter what we have been through, I do still love you but that’s just enough to get you and me through this.

A lot of crap has happened to me since you left. I am not the same person you left behind. I have changed, in many ways. People still blame me for you leaving… but I have lived through it and I’m still living. I hope you can say the same just about different things.

Miss Ya, Love Ya,

Still Living.

The author's comments:
**This was a letter to my EX, but he never got it so I changed a few things.

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