Dream Day

September 30, 2008
I awoke on a Monday morning to find rain streaming down my windowpane. The sky was colored a dark slate, reminding me of exhaust fumes from a car. I smiled and quickly got ready for school.

Something told me that day would be fantastic. Lightning bolts shot across the sky as I ran down the sidewalk, drenched in rain.

When I got to school, things got even better. Our math teacher, Ms. Hayes (called the creature teacher in private), was home sick. Our substitute couldn't figure anything out, so we got to mess around all period.

Lunch was even better! Some mean girls started throwing grapes at the boys. The boys, not going to lose to a group of stuck-up chicks, started throwing more back at us. I was smacked in the head by a few grapes and went crazy.

I was throwing grapes at people, and it was awesome! I think I even took out a guy's mashed potatoes. Naturally, I became the prime target. One kid even slung his spagetti at me, but I guess that's what I get when I invade someone's potatoes.

Right when I let go of a handful of grapes, Mr. James walked in. I just sat there acting innocent and sweet. He didn't buy it, of course. I got a write-up and was suspended for two days. All in all, it was so worth it. That was my all-time favorite school day.

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