The Faeries of Love

September 26, 2008
By Kelly Nicholson, Paris, IL

The faeries say my love is in danger. They say I must kill her for him to be safe. I must get rid of the monster who calls herself Angel. She came and ruined everything. She stole my love from me, and she will pay. The faeries promised me my revenge will come, just wait for a storm. And a storm my little friends gave me! The thunder crashed and boomed louder then cannons. The lightening brings brightness so suddenly and just as fast the light left, leaving the castle in haunting shadows. The wind’s howl was so deafening a sudden scream in the castle could not have been heard. The rain falls like arrows from Artemis’s hunting bow on to mortals not expecting it. Mortals not expecting anything abnormal such as the Angel who will die tonight in the name of love.

The faeries tell me to take the victim to the dungeons…to her doom. They have me tell to her my love wants to show us a trick he learned from one of the guards. When I went to her room, she was so willing to believe that I had good feelings for her! What a great actress I must be to hide my true feelings! As we walked through the corridor and past the suits of armor, I can tell the storm has Angel on edge. I can tell she is afraid of what could be lurking in the shadows such as ghosts and goblins. Yet she does not know what the faeries and I are planning!

Down in the dungeon the storm is even spookier than in the main hall. The thunder’s crashes and booms echo in the darkness. The lightening flashes light on to lonely old bones. The rain’s pounding arrows drown all hope of anyone hearing what happens in the dungeon. The wind howls like hungry wolves, waiting for the right moment to strike. Waiting like I have been for weeks. We have now reached the end of the dungeon to the smallest empty cell. There chains hang on the wall waiting to hold and torture their next prisoner. The next prisoner who was right beside me. I tell this monstrous Angel my love is coming, but before he gets here she must be in the chains as it is part of the trick. Ah…the gullible Angel does as I tell her, not suspecting anything at all. After she is chained just like I wanted her to be, she asks where my love is. I can hear the faeries’ snickers, and know it is time to let my victim know of her fate. “Oh, my love is asleep in his bed like the rest of the castle, no doubt dreaming of you when it should be me he dreams of! He has no idea that we are down here in the dungeon, here for your death!”

The panic that fills the face of that deceitful Angel gave me and the faeries a thrilling chill. Oh, you should have heard them cheering for her blood to spill, anxious for her death. I could hardly hold my hands still as I grabbed the shovel I had hidden earlier because of the deathly excitement the faeries were giving me. Just as I had the shovel over my shoulder ready to deliver my first blow, Angel let out a scream that pierced the night. That was the last noise she would ever make. Oh the ruckus that came to my ears once the Angel no longer breathed. The faeries were rejoicing, but this one killing was not enough for them for somehow the monstrous Angel’s last scream did not go unheard.

No, its piercing sound had reached the ears of my love in his deep slumber, and he knew who it belonged to. Despite the storm, I heard the foot falls of my love, and I was filled with joy to tell him that I had saved him from a monster. But as he got closer, I heard him calling a name…HER NAME! Anger overpowered me. How could he call for her when she was the one who would have harmed him? Didn’t he know I had saved him from the monster disguised as Angel? The faeries started to settle down, but the atmosphere they created demanded more death. The anger in me made me hide in a shadowed corner of the cell. When my love came to the door and saw the mangled dead body of Angel, the look on his face showed me her spell was still on him. He could never love me now because she had tainted his heart to love only her. I went up to my love, and threw the shovel at his head again and again until death was certain.

Now my love is dead, and my anger is gone. Oh, what have I done, my love? What have I done? The faeries were having a celebration, but how could they have let my love die? All of a sudden the round, soft, child-like faces of the winged creatures changed into red, mean, and hard faces. The faeries had turned into demons right before my eyes, and they were hungry for more death…my death! They went into my mind, and oh the torture these demons gave me! I had to get rid of them, but how? In my love’s hands was a knife no doubt intended to use against me. Now I will send these demons to hell with the knife of my love! Never again will they trick me to do anything for them. As I brought the knife down toward my heart, I heard the final cheer of delight from these heirs of Hell.

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