September 29, 2008
Hey paige my mom said I have to be home by 5:30 and its 5:20 so I need to be home soon. Well while I was driving home in her moms’ car I noticed that no one was home and that was awkward! As soon as I was putting my key in the key hole all of the sudden MUSIC!; Ah it startled me so bad my body shivers from my feet all up my spine! I had the biggest chills ever. All the lights were on and everything was open. Know when I was walking around I felt like something was walking I felt like something was around me just surrounding my area, I didn’t feel safe at all; so I walked up stairs “crack crack” went the stairs walking up! Wow my hole body was shaking; then there were sounds not the normal kind of sounds you would hear but like mysterious ones almost like the horror ones that something bad is going to happen but It was all in my head I said; after that I called my mom she says have the neighbor walk around with you, but I said NO I will just go over there its to creepy for them to come they might think I ‘m pulling a joke on them so NO; just to make sure before I leave I tell myself, “HELLO” I scream as loud as possible! “IF SOMEONE IS HERE GET OUT NOW THIS IS NOT FUNNY! NOW!” but it still felt creepy; since it was getting dark I walked all around the house to close the shades up, but when I was closing the big front shade, right behind me I felt a warm foggy breathe on me! I felt my skin fall off blood just drained from my body I new something was there and I was scared now where the point I almost wet my pants so I darted out my door as fast I could run didn’t worry about closing the door or the shades!; well while I was jogging to my friends house and I look back, ah I see the light is off when I turned it on wow that is really creepy I blink and its on well I think that I have had enough scare for the day so I go to his house say what I did and what happen and they let me stay till about 9ish 9:30 well my mom wasn’t suppose to me home till about 10 and I call my dad say can you come pick me up and yes he said he could well thank goodness for a dad!
Well a couple says later I had noticed that my moms favorite picture frame was gone and it was of the whole family! Not good so I go over to my mom and tell her but then I hear this noise it’s a loud crash pitch noise I ask my mom did you hear that but she said no oh well” “ but hey mom did you notice that your special picture frame is missing with all of us in it! No it’s not its right on the…. Oh my goodness were is It I think last Saturday when that hole thing happened that really someone was in our house and they took it but why not the $300,000 dollar ring that was sitting next to it? Huh it calls for a mystery well all my mom said to me was have fun~ but this was no fun I will find this IT sooner or later!
I was walking home from my friends house Wednesday and my mom was at my sisters dive meet and she wont be home till late so I walk in and there Is the music that is normal and I walk up stairs went to my room to do homework and ah I stoped speechless I had no clue what happened how they got in or what my hole room was destroyed stuffed animals ripped up in half feathers everywhere glass broken my heart just sank that wow why would someone do this to me! How cruel. Well im sweating with horror about to cry, but when it came to me I woke up….. it was all a dream! None of this really happened today it was me waking up from a nightmare that was the scariest possible thing I have ever dreamed. I YELL mom you there hello no one answered “SLAM” went something hello anyone here Mitchell, but all I could here was this scraching noise STOP GET OUT OF HERE” well they did not listen what was that I couldn’t really get it was this another dream I don’t know well I wont figure this out if I don’t get up what “oh no”…..

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