Thunderous lightning (A story about cats)

September 19, 2008
By Tevin Pudelko, Boise Id., ID

*Rapid foot steps running on the forest floor filled with mud, spiderwebs, and

dangers around every turn*

“Come on! We have to keep going Fire storm!” Shouts Lightning strike.

“Sorry I can’t run no more Lightning strike.” Says fire storm exhausedly

*Giant noises coming from background*

“Hurry! We have to go now Fire storm! You’re going to run! And if I have to I will drag


“Fine! Let’s get going then!”

*Back at the lightning clan camp* “Finally, we’re back home.” “Yeah. I’m exhausted

from running. Hey Lightning strike, what were those things back there?” “Those things

are called rank B destroyers fire stripe, they can kill one of us In a second.” Exclaimed

Lightning strike . “Really? Wow.” Exclaimed Fire storm. “You know what we should do

Lightning strike.” “What?” “We should deactivate the rank B destroyer that way we don’t

have to run from it a lot.” “You know Fire storm, that’s not a bad idea really. We will go

alone without any of the other cats (lightning clan cats) following. We will go at dusk.”

“Ready Lightning strike?” “Yeah, lets go Fire storm.” “Remember that plan?”

“Of course I do.” “Ok.” *At the rank B destroyer (a bulldozer)* “Ok go inside of it and

bite the wires under the sticks with the rocks on top of them (joysticks) ok lightning

paw?” “Ok I’ll come back out when I have cut the wires safely so this wont ruin any

more of the forest and so we can live in peace for a while.” “Well don’t take your time

with this hurry up!” “Fine Mr. Loudmouth!” *Grunting and a lot of electrical noises

coming from the bull Dozer* “Ok I’m finished with the wiring system in the bull dozer.”

“Ok finally lets go home so we don’t have to deal with this anymore.” “Right.” “Time to

go now.” “Yeah, yeah im coming.” Silence. “What a night Lightning strike.” “Yeah im

just glad to be going home so I can sleep be for hunting for later today.” “Me too

Lightning, me too.”

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