September 19, 2008
By Chris Palasch, Boise, ID

‘’ Hey Richardson’’, the sergeant barked at me, ‘’ grab your chute and prepare for the launch’’!

‘’ yes sir’’.

My name is Jeff Richardson, I was drafted into the army right after the Vietnam War started I’m a private first class. I grabbed my chute, my pack and prepared for the jump. Here we go I thought.
The lush jungle was all around me as I neared the ground birds everywhere as well as AA fire I hoped the plane wasn’t hit but that had to be expected in a war like this.

I felt a rush of wind as I hit the ground I wondered where was the plane then I saw it ahead in the distance on fire wrecked with two enemy soldiers investigating the damage one soldier had an anti air rocket , the other had a Ak-47. I quickly grabbed my M-16 firing a burst killing the one with the assault rifle the other seeing his dead comrade grabbed his assault rifle ducking behind a tree blind firing I retaliated firing at the tree debris spouting everywhere.

I thought to myself this isn’t working taking out my pistol aiming down the sight holding my breath I fired. I knew he was dead before he fell to the jungle floor walking over to the soldier’s corpse I picked up the assault rifle and walked on thinking what had happened to the plane and more importantly my comrades they had all been good men even the sergeant. I had a job to do so I pushed my thoughts aside and loaded my weapons.

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