Invisible savior

March 16, 2016
By jeniferramires8 SILVER, Chowchilla, California
jeniferramires8 SILVER, Chowchilla, California
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This is not a world where people are working and relaxed all the time. That all in the pass. This is now. Where people now know fear in America, where all know what is it like to suffer and feel hungry. There is no hope, no other country is willing to help the Americans for they all have there own problems. Only Nikki will be the hope of the Americans.
Nikki stood still as she watched the bubbles pass by her group taken one by one. Only their clothes were left behind. A mother handed Nikki her small toddler as she disappeared to the unknown. Each bubble that turn black meant it had a taken a life. Nikki was eight  when she discovered the bubbles didn’t see her. The small two year old called Victoria was always by her side since that day. They traveled together everywhere. Every town they passed was empty only the traces of the clothes were left behind. They sat in a cafe. Where Nikki cooked the snake she had hunted. Nikki never knew what had happen to her parents when the world collapsed for she was at school and followed one of her neighbors from that day. Lucky for her they had always found food. All the stores were filled with food that was still good to eat. Then she started collecting all types of seed so one day when there was no food she would grow it. when she was Twelve she started noticing that she could move objects  and place them where she wanted them to be. At age Thirteen she could sense the bubbles coming. At fourteen she learned how to hotwire a car. At sixteen she learned how to protect Victora  by  expanding her yellow shield  founded when fifteen. At seventeen she had a flow and shot of a power that she can turn it to anything that was one of the element. When they needed fire she shot it out. Victoria was used to this since she never knew how was the real world like. Now Victoria was twelve and Nikki was eighteen.
I chopped off a tree using my flow of metal.“Nikki help.” Victoria yelled out. I rushed to her. “Owww” She cried out. A animal trap caught on her leg. “It hurts!” Victoria yells. I concrete on the trap and just like that it opened. Victoria pulls herself out. Her leg was bleeding badly. Ok I want you to think about something else.Her bone was sticking out , She was starting to pass out. “Victoria stay with me come on. She was losing a lot of blood. I quickly  grabbed her leg and put it back in place. “ Ok this is going to hurt.” I tell her, But she had already pass out. I grabbed her pulse it was still beating. I used the flow of fire and the mix of green earth to balance the fire. I place it on the large wound. Then  washed her leg with the flowed of water. Vapor rose from her leg made it impossible to see. Then used the flow of wind. Her bone didn’t connect right. There was a bump. Now with the flow of metal I concreted on her leg saw the inside. Then there was no other option. With the flow of metal I used it to close the gap and make it stick together. Luckily she wasn’t bleeding from the inside. I felt tired and  collapsed.
“ Nikki wake up!” Victoria shooked me. I awake we were in a car. “What's wrong hows your leg, where are we?” I asked. We were in a van. Some people were driving but I couldn’t see. “I’m ok you slept for days, I don’t know where we are at Nikki someone took us talk to them they don’t want to listen to me.” She whispered. “Ok I’ll try something.” I whispered. My eyes stay focused my mind goes out. I brake the car slowly. “Whats going on, why are you stopping?!” A man yells out on the passenger side. I open all the doors. “ Go Victoria now!” I yell out. I ran out sending my shield to her. “Shes awake!” The woman says. “Hey stop come back, we are not going to hurt you!” The lady yells out. I paused and faced her as she got out of the Van. She looked young in her twenties. Long black hair in a pony tail, tan skin, skinny, and tall. The man was young as well, taller than her, black hair, pale skin, and buff. “ You are only hope.” She says as Victora stands by my side. “ My name is Elizabeth and this is Mark, we need to talk in the car if we want to get there before sunset.” Elizabeth says. I look at Victora. She shook her head. “Hey what do we have to lose , anyways I could shield us.” I low spoke to her.  “I don’t know” She said. I went in the van. Victoria stood still for a while, then went in beside me.  “Why am I your only hope?” I asked. “ Ok we are going to tell you but promise to listen and don’t freak out.” Mark said. “ I’ll make no promises.” I said. Mark and Elizabeth looked at each other and Elizabeth nodded  her head. “ We have known who you were all this time we have been following you for years. We know about your powers and the ones that will come. We knew all of this was going to happen. And it's going to spread all over the world in a few years. We know where the bubbles came from. We have a book. A book that isn’t from here isn’t from earth.” Mark said. “Can I see the book.” I asked.  They looked at each other. “ Until we get there.” They both said at the same time then motorcycles started surrounding us. Suddenly I blacked out.
To be continued…….

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