Witches Castle

February 25, 2009
By Amy McKay BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Amy McKay BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Witches Castle in Utica, Indiana was founded by three witches. These witches were having said to sacrifice a bunch of humans. But this story has nothing to do with these witches. This story takes place many years later. This is a true story.

A team of paranormal investigators were investigating the castle or the remains of it anyway. When they arrived it was still a little daylight out. They climbed up the steps to where the front door used to be and continued up to the remains of the living room. They began setting up equipment like cameras on tripods and thermometers and checking the old electric lines for any power. They made their way through the rest of the remains of the house setting up equipment.

It started to get dark and they began walking around with a voice recorder asking questions trying to catch an EVP or an Electric Voice Phenomenon. Now of course they were not able to hear anything but themselves until they played back the EVPS. They took pictures with cameras they had with them. Then one of the investigators Casey told the other investigators Chris, Justin, and Amy that he was going to go up by the wail.

The author's comments:
Work in progress.

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