Running From Death

March 3, 2009
By Casey Smtih SILVER, Mattawan, Michigan
Casey Smtih SILVER, Mattawan, Michigan
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Running from death

Matt ran to the gate wishing to be at his cozy home. He hid in the deepest darkest corner. It was not like this 48 hours ago when he was at a home making a presentation.

'I will bring peace to the Middle East. At last we can bring our soldiers home!'yelled Matt through the microphone. The presentation ended very well.

After the presentation the directors asked,'How did it go?'

He replied back,'Like boys doing homework, boring.' He left the building as fast as he could and headed for home. When he arrived home his maid fetched him some food, steak with mash potatoes and of course A.1 Steak Sauce.

'Kelly, the maid, could you get my lab ready to study cars?' asked Matt.

'Yes sir,'answered Kelly. Matt went upstairs to grab some work clothes and then headed downstairs.

He started working on his hot rod first and tweaking the engine. Hours later he decided to head to his bed!

Suddenly, a spray of bullets just missed him, breaking the one million dollar picture of Jeremy picking a flower! Matt ran upstairs grabbing his golden pistol and took cover! He was there all night aiming at the door to run to his room!

The next day he decided to leave home to go to New York. In New York he took cover and stayed low. Until! Swoosh a grenade fell at Matt's legs! One of the body guards dove on the grenade! He lost his life for a rich snob.

Matt decided to go to the Middle East and stop the violence! When he was heading there he had a lot of close encounters of death!

When he arrived at the Middle East he received a bullet proof limo. All of the sudden!

People screaming all over around hearing AK-47 fire feeling the bullets hit the limo . Right then he realized people here hate him! When he arrived at a nine story house, he built bullet proof everything. He had a presentation in one hour with the embassy.

He arrived there then stepped out of the limo when, BOOOOOOOmmmm a sniper bullet hit Matt right in the forehead! An attack came in and killed all the Americans!

The sniper was Will, he was controlling everything. He was the sniper that killed Matt!

The next year Will came to America and planned to rob Matt's house. He was going tonight! He entered the house then all the sudden bam, bam, bam, 3 bullets hit Will's chest! Kelly had shot him.

At the end they live happily ever after, but they were wondering where is Matt. He never returned!.

Kelly returned to the gate and saw Matt lying dead next to the darkest corner. She wished everything was back to normal.

The author's comments:
This peice took me a while to make I have a broken arm so it is hard to type my great grandpa just died so please just please look at my work. It will mean everything for me please.

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on Mar. 5 2009 at 8:52 pm
Casey Smtih SILVER, Mattawan, Michigan
5 articles 0 photos 1 comment
my Great grandma realy did just die give it a good rating

um1234 said...
on Mar. 4 2009 at 10:54 pm
It was very suspenseful but to be honest, I am shocked that this piece made it to number one with its cheesy lines, "At the end they live happily ever after". Also, your tense continues to change through out the piece.

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